Was this word added to the dictionary in the '70s, '80s, or '90s?

Don't let this be a "buzzkill"!

The one thing that never changes about language is that it keeps changing. Brand new words and phrases are entering our lexicon all the time. The 2010s have already given us "bingeable", "escape room", and "photobomb". We need new words to describe new experiences, inventions, and discoveries. Or maybe we just finally put a name to something that's already been around.

Using the Merriam-Webster time machine, we're looking at the years that words first entered the dictionary. Keep in mind that this quiz is only using the year the word was added to the dictionary, not the year that it first began being used. Many of these words were used for awhile before getting added - that's how language works!

Can you guess if these words and phrases were added to the dictionary in the groovy '70s, the far-out '80s, or the totally tubular '90s?

  1. Robocall
  2. Foodie
  3. Overhype
  4. Mosh pit
  5. Shout-out
  6. Microbrew
  7. Pay-per-view
  8. Barista
  9. Buzzkill
  10. Touch screen

Was this word added to the dictionary in the '70s, '80s, or '90s?

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Wenatchee7 11 months ago
only got 5 but if they grade on a curve I'm good.
N1ck0las 11 months ago
Epic fail for me 3/10
Firefly2020 N1ck0las 11 months ago
Me too! LOL!
N1ck0las Firefly2020 11 months ago
It’s a movement. 😜
Firefly2020 N1ck0las 11 months ago
LOL Nick! I got 4 right, and I only GUESSED at those, HaHa Have a blessed day!
dethLSMO89 11 months ago
Really difficult. I didn't get any right.
KellyShort 11 months ago
You got 7 correct
Not to bad
Laura 11 months ago
Worst ever at this match game. I got 1 right
UnicornPrincess 11 months ago
Got 3 right... Touchscreen in '74??? Wow.
I know. That surprised me.
SashaPayneDiaz 11 months ago
3/10....really sucked on this one.
TheDavBow3 11 months ago
Oh my, 4 outa 10. Man, that's so gnarly, dude. Now everyone is going to give me the business. I hope the next quiz is groovy. Peace out.
kens58 11 months ago
4 right. Foolishness I tell you.
Catman 11 months ago
I managed to get 4 correct answers. So sad.
peacefrog77 11 months ago
Only got 3 right,
To quote Benjamin Grimm
"Watts Revoltin Development this is".
leebillyold 11 months ago
Jeremy leebillyold 11 months ago
So did I! I thought I wouldn't do too good with this! I was right!
walligans 11 months ago
Thought it was going to be easy.
Only 5 right.
teire 11 months ago
Well that was embarrassing. At least I was never off by more than one decade! Two right.
Catman teire 11 months ago
I had the correct century on every one!
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