It takes a real wise guy to pass this quiz on The Three Stooges

Test your knowledge of Larry, Moe, Curly and Shemp.

The Three Stooges have been entertaining fans of slapstick comedy for generations. Heck, the trio practically put the "slap" in "slapstick." Larry, Moe and Curly are household names on the level of Snap, Crackle and Pop. 

Now, the iconic comedians have arrived on MeTV. You can catch the best of their hilarious short films — uncut and without commercial interruption — Saturdays at 6PM | 5C. 

Let's see how well you know The Three Stooges. Don't worry, nobody will bonk you on the head if you get an answer wrong. As far as we know.

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  1. This beloved member of The Three Stooges is known for catchphrases like "Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk," "Soitenly!" and "Woob, woob, woob!"
  2. The 1936 short 'Slippery Silks' featured the first time that one of The Three Stooges was hit in the face with this sweet treat.
  3. How are Moe Howard, Curly Howard and Shemp Howard related?
  4. Who is the oldest Stooge?
  5. What is Moe Howard's birth name?
  6. This nursery rhyme can he heard as the theme song in many of The Three Stooges shorts for Columbia Pictures.
  7. Over their decades-long career, The Three Stooges appeared in how many films?
  8. Moe, Larry and Shemp made their screen debut as firemen in this 1930 feature film.
  9. This comedian, credited as the creator of The Three Stooges, originally oversaw the trio until 1934.
  10. In 1934, The Three Stooges released their first short film for Columbia, titled this.
  11. This was the title of the final Stooges film, released in 1970.
  12. In 1959, The Three Stooges rode a resurgence in popularity with this feature-length sci-fi movie.
  13. This Stooge made his screen debut in the same 1959 sci-fi movie mentioned above.
  14. This performer became known as "Fake Shemp" as he acted as a body double following the death of Shemp Howard.
  15. In a 2000 made-for-TV biopic aired on ABC, titled 'The Three Stooges,' this television star portrayed Curly.
  16. This 1980s action star, a Stooges fan, produced that 2000 movie.
  17. This popular song of the Civil War era was used as theme music in several early Three Stooges shorts for Columbia.
  18. In 1977–78, Hanna-Barbera produced this animated update of The Three Stooges for Saturday morning television.
  19. In 1966, The Three Stooges released their final phonographic record, featuring a beloved Hanna-Barbera character. Fill in the blank in the title: '__________ and the Three Stooges Meet the Mad, Mad, Mad Dr. No-No'
  20. In the 2012 Farrelly Brothers film 'The Three Stooges,' this actor from 'Will & Grace' portrayed Larry.
  21. When he passed away in 1993, this last surviving Stooge had "The Last Stooge" engraved on his tombstone.
  22. The Three Stooges' 1940 short 'You Nazty Spy!' is historically significant as it is the first American film to do what?
  23. This fictional country was the setting for 'You Natzy Spy!' and its 1941 sequel.
  24. In a 1980 episode of 'M*A*S*H,' this character called three Korean doctors "Moe, Larry and Curly." After they cure his pain with acupuncture, one doctor notes, "Not bad for The Three Stooges, huh?"
  25. In China, The Three Stooges are known as Sānge Chòu Píjiàng, which translates to this phrase.

It takes a real wise guy to pass this quiz on The Three Stooges

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DarioWiter 9 days ago
24 out of 25! I missed the very last question. 😁😁😁😁😁
mike5050 9 days ago
Thanks MeTV for adding another hour to give us 2 hours of the funniest comedians ever to watch on Saturdays The Three Stooges.
MichaelNivens 7 months ago
Too tough for me and a long quiz with 25 questions - I missed one I knew by going too fast but 18/ 25 or 17/25 - neither Is very good
Tresix 8 months ago
23/25, missed the number of movies done and the Chinese question. I thought "Kook's Tour" was abandoned and the final Stooge movie was "The Outlaws Is Coming!" which featured a pre-"Batman" Adam West.
Their final big screen feature was the "Outlaws is Coming!"
Yes, from 1965, with pre-Batman Adam West(1928-2017). 😁😁😁😁😁
DiscoDave 8 months ago
A whopping 7 out of 25. Throw the pie.
Mark DiscoDave 8 months ago
I beat you. I got a whopping 10 out of 25. What am I saying, I'm equally the stooge here when it comes to the stooges.
I beat you! I got 25/25! "Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!"
Wiseguy 8 months ago
23/25, I'm a real wise guy LOL
JeffTanner 8 months ago
I got 23 out of 25 ------------I got #s13 & 15 wrong.
MrBill 8 months ago
20/25; missed 7, 14, and the last three. Fun and entertaining quiz.
MichelleBialek 8 months ago
A tough one! Many way before my time!!
FrankCollins 8 months ago
This was one of your worst quizzes, because so many of the questions were not about the stooges at all.
Islander 8 months ago
8/25 not so great. Still not happy about them invading my sci fi Saturday night. But, I'll deal with it and just tune in at 8:00 for SVENGOOLIE. Four new movies this month. Yowza !
JeffTanner Islander 8 months ago
The Three Stooges are on @ 6pmET, 5CT, an hour before Sci Fi Saturday Night even starts. So Stop griping!
JManSGV 8 months ago
"Schwarzenegger" is misspelled in #16.
djw1120 8 months ago
17 out of 25
I guess I don't know my "Stooges" after all.
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