Is this Martin Milner in Adam-12 or something else?

He played Officer Pete Malloy in multiple series and guest starred in everything from Westerns to variety shows during the Sixties and Seventies.


Starting as a teenager in the late 1940s, Martin Milner made a name for himself playing supporting characters in war films like Sands of Iwo JimaHalls of Montezuma and Operation Pacific

He broke out in 1960 as Tod Stiles in Route 66 before landing his most famous role – Officer Pete Malloy in Adam-12. Milner also guest starred on many other shows throughout the Sixties and Seventies, including bringing Malloy to series like Dragnet and Emergency! 

Can you tell if these scenes are from Adam-12 or something else?

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  1. What is Martin Milner in here?
  2. Is this Adam-12 or something else?
  3. What is this image from?
  4. What is Milner in here?
  5. Is this from Adam-12 or not?
  6. Do you know what this is from?
  7. Is this scene in Adam-12 or something else?
  8. Can you guess what this is from?
  9. What about this?
  10. What is Milner in here?
  11. Is this Adam-12 or not?
  12. What is this from?

Is this Martin Milner in Adam-12 or something else?

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Cowgirl 22 months ago
12/12. The crossover episodes were difficult, but I recognized Dixie in the background of #7. The tables in #11 didn't look like the tables in the Adam 12 roll call room.
graceful1970 25 months ago
You got 6 out of 12
Those crossover episodes made things difficult! Did you use your detective skills to figure each question out or was this quiz more of an emergency?
Kenner 27 months ago
#7 is a trick question.
jerrygon Kenner 27 months ago
Not exactly a trick question if you're also a fan of Emergency! (That's nurse Dixie (Julie London) in the background!)
Kenner jerrygon 27 months ago
I suppose. I can’t tell it’s her though.
bsantaniello 27 months ago
6/12. Yikes and I’m watching it now too! 😬
Chavella13 27 months ago
11/12 I messed up on #11 it looked like he was in the Adam-12 break room
jerrygon Chavella13 27 months ago
On Adam-12 they had small square tables in the breakroom I think, not long tan cafeteria style tables? (That was what I thought before making my decision anyway - but you're right that was a tough one.)
Bad_Pizza 27 months ago
8 out of 12 - I need to watch more Adam 12!
Crystal 27 months ago
It was the crossovers that threw me off.
tootsieg 27 months ago
9/12. Good quiz. Not as easy as I thought it would be.
madmark1 27 months ago
question 7 was kind of a trick question because he played the same character in emergency it was a crossover episode emergency and Adam 12 several crossover episodes as well as question 11 where he was the same Adam 12 character on Dragnet they did a few crossover shows as well I missed question 7 should’ve picked up on that one because he was on Laugh in playing a Police officer.
JimmyD 27 months ago
9/12 Not bad since I haven't watched the show in decades. I think they should have made the quiz to be "Is this Martin Milner as Malloy, or somebody else.".
DeborahRoberts 27 months ago
10/12. He was a hottie in whatever he did.
ELEANOR DeborahRoberts 27 months ago
He was just a regular family man and that comes out in his acting.
jerrygon DeborahRoberts 27 months ago
You are both right!
Jimo 27 months ago
1-Adam 12 1-Adam 12 see the guy who only scored 7 out of 12.....over!
TRONERICH 27 months ago
12/12 - I love me some Martin Milner!! I've seen all of these!
cperrynaples 27 months ago
8/12! I assume you excluded Route 66 since it was only in B&W! But couldn't you have used a press photo?
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texasluva Pacificsun 27 months ago
Movie and entertainment today. On the Batman and Star trek page.
Pacificsun ruswilinc 27 months ago
Actually I've gotten answers. They've been very interesting in fixing something, for example. And I'm sure they do read the comments. But they just don't want to start huge debates in the process. I'm convinced some avatars here are staff.
LoveMETV22 Pacificsun 27 months ago
Same here. I noticed a ? you asked in a room which appears to be a staff member in:

LoveMETV22 Pacificsun 27 months ago
I think it was in response to:
I should have included that in the previous post.
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