Collector's Call Episode 4 Web Extras: A KISS belt buckle and a rare Paul Stanley guitar

Take a closer look at items featured in our KISS episode — and watch bonus content!

Zac Vege has loved the rock band KISS since he was a kid — and he has the basement to prove it! His awesome collection of all things KISS includes Ace Frehley-designed guitars and an original KISS pinball machine!

Take a closer look at the valuable items featured in our Collector's Call episode — and check out two cool collectibles we were not able to fit in the show!

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1. Episode 4 Extra: 1978 KISS Belt Buckle


This vintage, less common belt buckle features artwork from the Love Gun album. WATCH NOW

2. Episode 4 Extra: 1998 Washburn Paul Stanley Model


This rare white edition of KISS guitarist Paul Stanley's signature model is numbered 1 out of 3 and comes with a certificate of authenticity. How much is it worth? WATCH NOW

3. Image gallery: Inside the collection


Check out the pinball machine, View-Master reels, comic books and guitars up close — and find out how much they're worth. SEE MORE

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