Who is playing these musical instruments in The Waltons?

Jason wasn’t the only musician in the family.

Music was a huge part of The Waltons. It played (no pun intended) a role in many memorable episodes, usually involving second son, Jason. Actor Jon Walmsley was already an accomplished musician when he started on the show as a teenager. He showed off his talents throughout the series, even writing original songs.

But other family members and Walton’s Mountain residents were known to tickle the ivories or pluck a few chords as well. Can you guess who is playing all these instruments seen on the classic series?

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  1. Who wrote a song to the rhythm of Grandma's ironing?
  2. Who is this at the piano?
  3. Who played the dulcimer to impress a girl?
  4. Who is Jason in the studio with?
  5. Who is playing this recorder?
  6. Who is playing this home-made recorder?
  7. This fiddle first belonged to a Walton ancestor. Who is holding it?
  8. Which famous guest star played a tune in this scene?
  9. Which love interest is playing the piano here?
  10. Who took over for Grandma on the church organ in one episode?

Who is playing these musical instruments in The Waltons?

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BATJUSTIN41 5 months ago
eddiecantorfan 5 months ago
Do You Want To Know A Secret
And PS I Love You by The Beatles are Beautiful Love Songs .
RichLorn 6 months ago
Who scored 6/10?
Reckless the Dog
GeorgiaReadenour 6 months ago
9/10...missed number 6...thought it was Seth!!
Me too. That was the only one I missed.
Michele 6 months ago
7 outta 10 is a win considering how sporadic I watch it.
bukhrn 6 months ago
9/10 missed # 5, never could tell those old gals apart.
TheOnlyONE 6 months ago
10/10. Goodnight...Johnboy...
Moverfan 6 months ago
Got 2 out of 10. I can has cheezburger? I can has sympathy?
scott 6 months ago
9/10. And I should have scored a 10!

Ron Howard guest starred on just one Walton’s episode, “The Gift.” He played a pal of Jason’s who sadly dies (of leukemia, I think).

There is a coincidence of sorts here: Ron was NOT asked to audition for The Homecoming (1972), but he politely came to auditions and asked to read for the part of John-Boy, as he felt he could play the part well. Earl Hamner and Lee Rich politely allowed him to read for the part. They thanked him and explained that the role of J-B was already cast and that they were holding auditions that day for OTHER Walton kids.

I love and respect RH’s confidence and his humility.
MrJL 6 months ago
Well they are tricky.
**spoiler alert **
Seth died but yeah Jason played it at the very end. Merle Haggard, I didnt pay much attention to him.

Michael MrJL 6 months ago
Merle Haggard wasn't the father in the episode where Seth died.

Ken Swofford played Red Turner.

In a later episode, The Comeback, Jason helps Red get back to performing after Seth died. That time Red Turner was played by Merle Haggard. One of a few times a character was brought back but played by a different actor. Pat Quinn, "Alice", played tye mother both times.

Bobby Bigelow was a different character.
AllisonWunderland 6 months ago
4/10…#8 is the only one I knew 😆
DIGGER1 6 months ago
Who is playing these musical instruments in The Waltons?
You got 7 out of 10
Did you hit all the right notes on this quiz or did it leave you singing the blues?
I freely admit that my mother is MORE of the....I wouldn't say that she's a "FANATIC" of the "WALTONS" exactly, but since she's now in her seventies and no longer working and only "partly" invalid, and spends all of her days sitting in a reclining chair in the living room, she watches the "WATLONS" on cable-TV almost every day, especially on different channels no less. LOL!
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