Is this Kent McCord in Adam-12 or something else?

He played other cops besides Jim Reed.

Though Kent McCord is best known as Officer Jim Reed in Adam-12, he had many other roles both before and after the classic police procedural. In fact, he was no stranger to playing cops by the time he became Jim Reed.

We’ve collected images of McCord from both Adam-12 and his other roles around the same time. See if you can guess which ones are which!

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  1. Is this Adam-12 or something else?
  2. Is this Adam-12 or something else?
  3. Is this Adam-12 or something else?
  4. Is this Adam-12 or something else?
  5. Is this Adam-12 or something else?
  6. Is this Adam-12 or something else?
  7. Is this Adam-12 or something else?
  8. Is this Adam-12 or something else?
  9. Is this Adam-12 or something else?
  10. Is this Adam-12 or something else?
  11. Is this Adam-12 or something else?
  12. Is this Adam-12 or something else?
  13. Is this Adam-12 or something else?
  14. Is this Adam-12 or something else?
  15. Is this Adam-12 or something else?

Is this Kent McCord in Adam-12 or something else?

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country46 9 months ago
12 of 15 the only way I could tell on a few was the way he had his hair in Adam 12
Pacificsun 19 months ago
Come one, come all, to the weekly Friday Night Movie Quizzer. All regular players (including novice & advanced) are welcomed, so spread the word! This movie isn't going to be a tough one for movie fanatics. Not obscure, or a olden goldy, but still Acadamy Award winning worthy. This week we seem to need something fun to lighten the mood, and so this viewing suggestion will fit the bill. Here goes the clues:

This is another kind of movie that’s lots of fun to watch in the theater experience. Laughter is contagious. Even if you didn’t make a trip to see it, you’ve heard of it. And it came across on TV a couple of times, but not lately. It’s kind of a unique movie show casing the actors' particular talents. The Leading Stars make the movie worthwhile. If I gave you the year of release, you’d just look up the list and pick from there, so this won’t be quite that easy.

Both Leading Stars have had their own very successful TV Series. (But no, they haven't appeared in Star Trek or the Twilight Zone!). That’s a big hint, but don't get distracted by it. In terms of personalities the actors are totally opposite. But good actors and versatile. You've seen them in many movies. It handily made over twice its production costs. And continues on DVD. The film received mixed reviews (from the critics' viewpoint, but what do they know)! Now it’s one of those you have to watch at least once, because that's what makes it most enjoyable.

I liked it because it was filmed in and around places with which I’m familiar. The plot is a little worn out but the supporting cast makes it all worthwhile. I understand that the release for home DVD distribution has bonus scenes, so that make it worth the investment.

It won Academy Awards in a couple of categories, but the year would give it all away!

Quite a few continuity errors, (because it was a complicated production) but they are unnoticeable because of how much the audience is enjoying the movie anyway.

Have fun, and take your best shots! No rush, it may take me awhile to keep up with your responses. But try to line them up right under this Post.
texasluva Pacificsun 19 months ago
Mrs. Doubtfire?
Pacificsun texasluva 19 months ago
And we have a Winna ...over here in aisle 14!!! Let's start that Blue Light special, and we'll make the announcement throughout the store!

Oh wait .... I'm getting my Walmart promotions all mixed up with celebrating your victory! Too funny, how I could be so confused.

Anyway, the movie's location is close to my home tow (though not currently) but in the past. I know those places and have been to all of them them. Very authentic. Of course Sally Fields is a consummate actress, and was an interesting offset to RW's zaniness. Which he wasn't allowed to get too much away with in that movie. Harvey Fierstein (a special treat in his particular role). And Pierce Brosnan of course (who was the 3rd actor to be in a television series as well). The studio used in the Movie (for Mrs. Doubtfire's children's show) was the actual Bay Area's KTVU Channel 2, and at the time was an innovative independent TV Station, both in local News reporting, and which produced a lot of it's own programming. Won quite a few awards.

Anyway it's a nice family movie, or something fun to share with the grandkids!
texasluva Pacificsun 18 months ago
I want to thank you for coming to the quiz. I like your answers too. Yep.
lmahabhashyam 19 months ago
14/15 I missed the Rowan and Martin question, not to shabby.
CouchPotato987 19 months ago
Guessed all of them and got a respectable 10 out of 15...Not too shabby, especially for never watching a single episode of Adam-12. Lol
country46 CouchPotato987 9 months ago
how you get a name like couchpotato if you don't watch tv
CouchPotato987 country46 9 months ago
It’s from watching TV shows, but to let you in on something, I was born in 1980, so yes, that makes me 41! Lol Adam-12 was way before my time. So, you have my apologies if I didn’t watch the “GREAT” Emmy award winning Adam-12. CouchPotato is just a quirky stupid moniker that I thought up on a whim. Lol
Take Care and GOD Bless ✌🏻
country46 CouchPotato987 9 months ago
peace brother its all fun and games
richaroo74 19 months ago
Well I got Adam-12 out of 15. 😜
SashaPayneDiaz richaroo74 18 months ago
Adam-11 here!
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