How well do you know the very first episode of Adam-12?

Officer Reed’s first day was supposed to be Officer Malloy’s last.

The police procedural Adam-12 showed all aspects of patrolling the streets of Los Angeles. There were silly scenes, exciting, action-packed sequences and dramatic emotional moments. In fact, the series’ pilot episode set the pace for the show perfectly— it has all three! Plus, Malloy’s impending resignation, and the fact that he stays on the force to help Reed, sets up the perfect partnership.

How well do you know episode one of Adam-12? See if you can get each of these 12 questions right!

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  1. Which prolific TV producer directed the Adam-12 pilot?
  2. Officer Jim Reed’s age is revealed in the very first scene. How old is he?
  3. What does Reed offer to do that Malloy denies?
  4. This woman causes a scene after thinking what?
  5. What previous sitcom was this actress on?
  6. What words do Reed and Malloy use for the letters on this suspect’s license plate?
  7. What happens next during this car chase scene?
  8. Reed and Malloy request a “Code 7” meaning what?
  9. Malloy reveals what tragic reason he wants to quit the force?
  10. Malloy and Reed are called to a house for what emergency?
  11. The episode ends with Reed and Malloy facing off against what threat in the park?
  12. Reed saves the day after doing what?

How well do you know the very first episode of Adam-12?

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Randall 10 months ago
quiz suggestion WHAT KIND OF CAR ARE REED AND MALLOY CHASING! There is a LOT of vintage steel in ADAM- 12 and as a life long car junkie I could create one!!
cudles41 13 months ago
I can't believe they took mash off and put on dumb and dumber--columbo and monk!
kimmer 15 months ago
12/12....gosh I love this show!
michelleruybal 15 months ago
The episode was great. But during the scene with the suffocated baby Malloy didn’t try to rouse the baby, didn’t look for breathing or check for a pulse. He just started rescue breathing.
michelleruybal 15 months ago
I love this show! I only got one wrong because I have no idea what other show that actress was on before.
peahyams37 17 months ago
I think the car falling into the drainage ditch was a Buick LeSabre. I have also seen it called an Invicta. Made me cringe to see it go up in flames
and smoke.
cheduff 17 months ago
To MikefromJersey
The river beds are concrete because they are overflow diversions for the water to stay off highways and roads when there is heavy rain. Drainage ditches.
Mitchell 17 months ago
I took a closer look at the GIF of the car skidding into the water, and a couple of interesting things:
1) It seems very similar to a 1960 Plymouth being restored on the "Cold War Motors" YT channel.
2) You can tell all the glass has been removed (for safety/ease of cleanup, one assumes)...
Dario 17 months ago
10 out of 12. 😁😁😁😁😁
Craigg 17 months ago
You got 12 out of 12
Did you stay on course or lose the road for this quiz?
MichaelGreene 18 months ago
You left off two folks as guest stars, both long-time character actors Nehemiah Persoff and Peter Brocco. The former played the businessman suspected of wanting to put a hit on a person, and Brocco played a priest
BTW, that was from the 3/13/2021 second episode of Adam-12, so there is no further confusion.
h20sgirl 19 months ago
Watched it with my pops as a little kid. Love watching it religiously now on tv @5pm
Muleskinner 20 months ago
9/12. I haven’t seen it for quite awhile.
Mukusthebadd1 20 months ago
So, that car sliding into the ditch thingy they show on here? I wander if they had to do it again because the car got stuck?
MikeCole 20 months ago
11 out of 12 not bad knew answer hit it wrong LOL!!
JewelsChuck 20 months ago
Funny thing is that usually when they were about to do a “Code 7” they would get a call and you know the rest...
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