Is this Carol Burnett or Vicki Lawrence on The Carol Burnett Show?

Can you tell the difference between these lookalike costars?

Vicki Lawrence was cast on The Carol Burnett Show right out of high school and was soon playing many hilarious roles, including Carol’s little sister, taking full advantage of their similar appearance.

But Vicki was just as comfortable playing Carol’s older relatives, like in “The Family” sketches, which were so successful they became the basis for the sitcom Mama’s Family.

Here are some images from The Carol Burnett Show. Can you tell which ones are Vicki and which ones are Carol?

  1. Who is this?
  2. Who is this?
  3. Who is this with Jim Nabors?
  4. Who is this with Dick Van Dyke?
  5. Who is behind those glasses?
  6. Who is on the right as Ringo Starr spoofing The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band?
  7. Who is this holding a guitar?
  8. Who is striking this pose?
  9. Who is this?
  10. Whose face can we see here?
  11. Who is this playing "Mae East"?
  12. They're both in this one, but who is on the right?
  13. Who is this singing with Mel Tormé?
  14. Who is behind this disguise?
  15. Who is in the space suit on the left?

Is this Carol Burnett or Vicki Lawrence on The Carol Burnett Show?

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Mike 18 months ago
15/15, was not hard to tell them apart to me.
JewelsChuck 19 months ago
13/15, I’m on my phone so I have an excuse. 😁
CiCiLateNight 19 months ago
15/15 Easy. They look like sisters, not twins. 12 and 14 made me stop and think.
barefeethusky 19 months ago
15/15. Most were easy but there were a couple where I had to look closely.
Deleted 19 months ago
This comment has been removed.
geatornez82 19 months ago
Music rights issues. The company that owns the Carol Burnett Show may not own the rights to air some of the songs they used over the years. And it's not easy getting the rights to use the songs. A lot of people don't realize that. I think this may explain it better than I can:
kimmer 19 months ago
14/15..... I love this show...try to never miss it!
CrowTServo 19 months ago
15/15. Watching the show now. “What’s life without love? And what’s love without whatnot?” 😂
Allison 19 months ago
This was on when I was a little kid and I thought Carol and Vicki looked exactly alike.
GregLemieux 19 months ago
15/15. But boy, was that challenging. A few were very easy, but #12, #14 & #15 were the toughest.
Tammy 19 months ago
14 out of 15 #14 got me
dodgebob Tammy 19 months ago
Tammy, that could've been Groucho Marx, don't feel bad.
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