Is this Carol Burnett on her own show or something else?

She sang, danced and made us laugh on sitcoms, talk shows and the silver screen!

While Carol Burnett is obviously known for her namesake sketch show, it wasn’t the only place she made us laugh during the 1960s and '70s. She was in movies, guest starred on sitcoms and was always a favorite game show or late-night guest.

We’ve compiled many different images from around the time her show was on the air. Can you tell which ones are actually from The Carol Burnett Show and which ones are from something else?

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  1. What is this from?
  2. What is this from?
  3. What is this from?
  4. What is this from?
  5. What is this from?
  6. What is this from?
  7. What is this from?
  8. What is this from?
  9. What is this from?
  10. What is this from?
  11. What is this from?
  12. What is this from?

Is this Carol Burnett on her own show or something else?

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FLETCH 3 days ago
10 out of 12

The Mammas Family question was a trick question
Smith2017 6 days ago
10/12, I grew up watching Carol Burnett Show, still watches it💋
MaryAnn 9 days ago
#8 looked to me like it was from a soap opera. And I’ve never seen Here’s Lucy so I missed #10 as well.
Toot1956 9 days ago
11/12 missed #2 Gomer Pyle episode.
Debbie Toot1956 9 days ago
I also got 11/12 and missed that same one. I seen that episode of Gomer. I can't believe I missed that one.
AllisonWunderland 9 days ago
10/12...However, #11 is questionable 🤔 Should be BOTH, that's how I see it 👀 😂
Moverfan 9 days ago
I don't remember Eunice or Ed showing up on Mama's Family at all. Of course, I quit watching the nasty old bat about the second season. Always figured she got what she deserved--Vint, the whiny little man-child (did Ken Berry really need work that bad?) and stuck-up loser Ellen only coming around when she wanted something.
cperrynaples Moverfan 9 days ago
Burnett did a few apperances and Harvey Korman not only played Ed but did opening segments as host Alistair Quince.This was a takeoff on Alistair Cooke but only ran on NBC and never in syndication! Ellen was played by Betty White, but just like Rue McClanahan's Aunt Fran they didn't appear in later episodes because of The Golden Girls! Even Vint Junior pulled a Chuck Cunningham!
Filmnoirfan 10 days ago
9/12 - enjoyed her skits and her performance in The Twilight Zone episode Cavendar is Coming which was not listed above since the black & white photo would have given it away
Moverfan Filmnoirfan 7 days ago
Colorization, colorization! Jocularity, jocularity! (Sorry...apparently I'm channeling Father Mulcahy..or Margaret's impression of him, one of the two...)
lynngdance Moverfan 20 hours ago
YAY! FATHER MULCAHY! lol (he’s my favorite M*A*S*H character) (sorry I didn’t have a gif of him saying Jocularity, but I did have this one from the “Gee Ma I wanna go Home) scene🙂)
a1k9 10 days ago
#11 the quiz has the answer wrong. The character Eunice started on the Carol Burnett Show and then she was on Mama’s Family. The correct answer should of been both.
t 10 days ago
worst show on METV other than MAMA'S FAMILY... I'm from the 60'70's generation and never got and still don't get those UN-FUNNY skits.
Wilson62 10 days ago
Love her show even more today as when I grew up with it. There will never be another Carol Burnett.
Gitch64 10 days ago
11 missed the last one one, got cocky:)
UTZAAKE 10 days ago
10. Looks like my third-grade teacher.
Carol Burnett also appeared in the Hawaii Five-0 reboot as McGarrett's aunt.
cperrynaples UTZAAKE 9 days ago
Yes, but shouldn't she be on Magnum 2.0 since she did the original? She NEVER did Hawaii 1.0!
DethBiz 10 days ago
12 out of 12. Thought I might miss #11, but the regular Mama's Family episodes have a newer look than the Carol Burnett skits.
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