Is this a James Bond movie or a Twilight Zone episode?

There’s “Time Enough at Last” to take this quiz “For Your Eyes Only.”

Image: The Everett Collection

The only certainties in life are death, taxes and James Bond movies coming out every few years. The iconic British secret agent has remained popular through two dozen iterations and counting. Sean Connery debuted the character on the big screen in the Sixties and Roger Moore, who cut his teeth playing a suave hero in Maverick, famously played 007 in the Seventies and Eighties.

The titles of Bond movies have been as varied and polarizing as the movies themselves but all reflect the stylish, enigmatic agent. The names of Twilight Zone episodes have a similar poetic quality.

Here are the titles of Bond films mixed together with Twilight Zone episodes. Can you tell the difference?

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  1. A Quality of Mercy
  2. Live and Let Die
  3. Shadow Play
  4. You Only Live Twice
  5. The Man with the Golden Gun
  6. Valley of the Shadow
  7. A View to a Kill
  8. No Time like the Past
  9. Escape Clause
  10. For Your Eyes Only
  11. The World is Not Enough
  12. Time Enough at Last

Is this a James Bond movie or a Twilight Zone episode?

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Skippy007 12 hours ago
12 out of 12 easiest one yet. When I was younger I went to blockbuster and bought all 13 Bonds on VHS and they were only $9.95 each. I still have them. They had only made 13 at the time.
Skippy007 12 hours ago
Back in 1970 or 71 my mom took me to the grocery store on San Vincenti Blvd. in Brentwood Ca. We were standing at the deli counter and next to me was Rod Serling, and I said hi and I enjoy you show, he said thanks have a nice day. He was short about 5’5”smoking a cigarette. That was cool, I was only 15 at the time. Love his shows. Have a great day everyone. I was lucky and went to school with a lot of famous people kids and grand kids. More real stores to come.
Coldnorth 19 hours ago
I am a huge fan of the older James Bond. Sean Connery was my favorite. Followed by Roger Moore
geatornez82 1 day ago
12/12. I'm not a fan of either, but my parents are Bond fans.
Dajj 2 days ago
12/12 too easy for any Bond fan!!
JimTrue 3 days ago
12/12……I’m a pretty big deal .....
MikefromJersey 3 days ago
12 for 12, feh. I think most everybody is gonna ace this quiz.
For you Bond fans, I just read that in "From Russia With Love" the cat fight between 2 gypsy
women in the encampment was for real. It took 5 men to separate them.
It happens. On I SPY, a bar fight featured Culp and Cosby actually fighting the stunt
men for real. They used the footage in the episode as it was too good not to.
The stunt men started it, throwing actual punches.
Shatner1 4 days ago
11/12! The World is not Enough!
Martanrick1975 4 days ago
12/12 Knowing James Bond movie titles helped. Scrolling was easy! 😊
Filmnoirfan 4 days ago
12/12 - seen every TZ episode numerous times so no way to miss those even though I have seen few Bond films
Jeffrey 4 days ago
"You got 11 out of 12" ---------The name's Serling, Rod Serling. Welcome to a dimension of sight and sound, shaken, not stirred. Could you tell these mixed up titles apart? -----I only got number 9 wrong.
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