Did these classic shows ever have any two-part episodes?

Which shows teased “to be continued” and which didn’t?


With the rise of streaming, many new shows these days continue storylines from episode to episode, but it’s a relatively new phenomenon. In the era of classic television, each episode was a self-contained story in case viewers missed a week or two.

Of course, sometimes a series would tell a longer story over two or more episodes and flash the dreaded tease “to be continued” right after a cliffhanger at the end of part one. While it happened more often in dramas, plenty of sitcoms had two-part episodes as well.

Here are 20 classic series. Guess whether each one had two-part episodes or not. It’s a simple yes or no question but the answers may surprise you!

  1. Did 'The Love Boat' ever have any two-part episodes?
  2. Did the original 'Twilight Zone' ever have any two-part episodes?
  3. Did 'Bonanza' ever have any two-part episodes?
  4. Did 'M*A*S*H' ever have any two-part episodes?
  5. Did 'Gilligan’s Island' ever have any two-part episodes?
  6. Did 'Happy Days' ever have any two-part episodes?
  7. Did 'The Andy Griffith Show' ever have any two-part episodes?
  8. Did 'Perry Mason' ever have any two-part episodes?
  9. Did 'Star Trek' ever have any two-part episodes?
  10. Did 'The Flintstones' ever have any two-part episodes?
  11. Did 'The Rifleman' ever have any two-part episodes?
  12. Did 'I Love Lucy' ever have any two-part episodes?
  13. Did 'Hogan's Heroes' ever have any two-part episodes?
  14. Did 'Lost in Space' ever have any two-part episodes?
  15. Did 'Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.' ever have any two-part episodes?
  16. Did 'The Addams Family' ever have any two-part episodes?
  17. Did 'The Dick Van Dyke Show' ever have any two-part episodes?
  18. Did 'Leave it to Beaver' ever have any two-part episodes?
  19. Did 'My Three Sons' ever have any two-part episodes?
  20. Did 'Petticoat Junction' ever have any two-part episodes?

Did these classic shows ever have any two-part episodes?

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RedSamRackham 19 months ago
* Some of those hour-long series 2-part episodes are edited into movies shown in theaters in European countries dubbed into various languages. BTW I got perfect quiz score!
PulsarStargrave 31 months ago
I cry FOUL on the I LOVE LUCY answer! How can anyone forget the 2 parter involving JOHN WAYNE's footprints in cement outside the famous Chinese Theater??
Pt 1 Lucy and Ethel stole them and BROKE them! Pt 2, they kept trying to get The Duke to make some more!
And how about the 2 parter where "Cousin Ernie" moved in but didn't the money to return home? In pt 2 everyone went on a variety show to earn the dough? It was used in MeTV's "Y'ALL COME" ads!
Pacificsun PulsarStargrave 30 months ago
I've taken the quiz twice because I couldn't remember the answers the first time. But I do remember ILL fans talking about the JW two parter, so it must be true.
cperrynaples Pacificsun 30 months ago
Yep, and CBS recently ran both parts colorized!
And the two parter where Carolyn Appleby visits them in California. In the first part, Lucy becomes Van Johnson's dancing partner. At the end of the episode, she talks about having a fictional house party she's having with lots of Hollywood stars, which, to her dismay, Carolyn rearranges her travel plans to attend. In the second part, Lucy steals Carolyn's glasses and stages the party with elaborate costumes and masks, not knowing that Ricky and Fred invited Harpo Marx!
Randall 31 months ago
#4, to my knowledge, I can not think of any show that had a 3 part episode (MASH) GOOD-BYE RADAR! Probably one of THE BEST good bye episodes ever! I get a lump in my throat when they find the teddy bear in the swamp!!
ThomasStratford 31 months ago
I Love Lucy had several two part episodes, although they were not announced as such.
* Wasn't Cousin Ernie a 2-parter?
Hollie 31 months ago
15/20 what episode was the Addams family 2 part ?
PulsarStargrave Hollie 31 months ago
When Morticia Met Gomez...
Dajj 31 months ago
15/20, continued next week!! Or same Bat Time, same Bat Channel tomorrow!!!
MikefromJersey 31 months ago
20 for 20. Like Todd below, I wondered if the 3 episode Washington DC arc counted.
I always recalled those Gomer episodes because the episode with Gomer at the Lincoln
Memorial originally aired the night when my family got back from DC.
My uncle Pete took us to the Memorial at 11 PM because it is astoundingly beautiful and
moving at that hour, completely silent with not even 10 people present. Trust me, there
is no better time to view it, you will thank me if you do. Nixon would go there late as
well. I also recall that night because my twin sister, me and my cousin Jeannie were
running on the stairs and my sister slipped and was knocked out when her head hit the
stairs. Whoa, sorry to go off on a tangent here.
Toddmick 31 months ago
I don't know if you can really say Gomer didn't have any two part episodes. Although they weren't in two parts there was a three parter when he goes to Washington, another when they have sea maneuvers and a third when they are in a movie.
RedSamRackham Toddmick 19 months ago
* Wasn't Gomer, Sergeant Carter & the rest of platoon in Hollywood making a movie a multi-parter?
TijuanaSlim 31 months ago
Not that I didn't miss more than a few others (only got 12/20)
I could have sworn that Dennis Hopper's Twilight Zone appearance in 'He's Alive' was a two-parter
It was one of the hour long Twilight Zones. Maybe the station you watched it on split it in two?
wholly possible...
JDnHuntsvilleAL 31 months ago
11 out of 20 - My third eye is still asleep.
Lacey 31 months ago
14 out of 20. Not my best try.
Shatner1 31 months ago
16/20! I remember L.I.S. had The Keeper, and DVD had the two-parter about getting remarried. However, My Three Sons and MASH--no idea!
cperrynaples Shatner1 30 months ago
MASH had several multi-parters such as Hawkeye and Margaret stranded! Technically, M3S had a 2-parter[The Douglases in Ireland] a 3-parter [Ernie's adoption] and even a 4-parter [Cousin Fergus]!
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