How well do you remember the opening narration to ''The Twilight Zone''?

I forget, which dimension is it?


Let's be honest, the intro to The Twilight Zone can get a little confusing sometimes. The narrations have a habit of changing between seasons, and sometimes between episodes. Here, we're putting your skills to the test and asking you to finish the blank of The Twilight Zone opening narrations throughout the seasons!

Many of these quotes are pulled from lines in the intro narration that remain consistent between mid-season changes so no fear there, but feel free to sound off in the comments if you can remember which exact episodes these narrations begin and end!

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  1. There is a _____ dimension beyond that which is known to man.
  2. It is a dimension as vast as _____ and as timeless as infinity.
  3. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and _____
  4. This is the dimension of _____.
  5. You're traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of _____.
  6. The third season's narration is the same as the latter part of the second season, except for one line that is present in the second season's narration. What line was removed?
  7. You unlock this door with the _____ of imagination
  8. You're moving into a land of both ______ and substance...
  9. ...of things and _____
  10. You've just crossed over into _____
  11. Who narrates the Twilight Zone opening?

How well do you remember the opening narration to ''The Twilight Zone''?

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JeffPaul76 4 months ago
"You got 10 out of 11" --------"You really are an expert on that dimension!" But not that OTHER FIFTH DIMENSION! The Musical one. ----I got # 9 wrong.
wanderer2575 8 months ago
Trivia: Westbrook Van Voorhis did the narrations for the original cut of the pilot episode "Where Is Everybody?" that was shown to prospective sponsors. The producers, CBS Television, and the sponsor agreed that someone else was needed going forward, but they couldn't come to agreement on whom. (Orson Welles was the popular pick, but Rod Serling didn't like that idea at all, and in any event they couldn't afford him.) Serling finally made the offhand suggestion that maybe he should just do it himself, and the legend was born. He intended there would be a host/narrator to introduce each episode and make a comment at the end, but he didn't plan it would be him.
ERROL 8 months ago
You got 11 out of 11
You really are an expert on that fifth dimension!
DS62 9 months ago
I’m an expert of the Fifth Dimension…who knew!
Actually I got 8/11 but would have had 9/11…I tapped on the wrong button by mistake☹️. *que Twighlight Zone Theme Song”
trogg888 9 months ago
Guesd i was thinking of the group
MaryMorgan 9 months ago
10 out of 11. Had gotten a little confused on question #6.
HpHoward 9 months ago
Got them all. For some reason TZ wasn't syndicated in my area for some years though. I believe Orson Welles was considered for narrator/host, but wanted too much money.
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