Can you tell which names are real Garbage Pail Kids?

Hold on to your lunch!


Bleh! Yuck! Gross!

Ah, Garbage Pail Kids... They seem to have existed exclusively to make parents squirm. There was a whole line of products and even a movie! Were you making mom and dad barf with these trading cards? Or were you the grossed out guardian?

We're hoping you can tell the real ones from the fake ones with this queasy quiz!

  1. Adam Bomb
  2. Petey S. D.
  3. Corroded Carl
  4. Lucy Stool
  5. Leper Lou
  6. Buggy Betty
  7. Stinky Stan
  8. Chuck Bucket
  9. Ginger Vitis
  10. Degloved Dennis

Can you tell which names are real Garbage Pail Kids?

Your Result...

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AllisonWunderland 7 months ago
6/10…Tried to remember some of them 🤷‍♀️
RobertK 7 months ago
8 of 10. Several guesses that I missed. These were really not from my era, however I used to buy a pack of the cards for my friends little daughter, Tracy, whenever I stopped for gas. She was delighted and still remembers this, even now that she's grown up with kids of her own!
AllisonWunderland RobertK 7 months ago
My kids had them also
RobertK AllisonWunderland 7 months ago
I do remember, back then, buying similar cards with my paper route money called "Wacky Packages". They were funny parody version cards of different everyday products! Good times!
kathyo 7 months ago
8/10 not bad for all
DethBiz 7 months ago
8 out of 10. Missed the last two. Funny how everything old becomes new again.
JayBurd 7 months ago
7 of 10...... 100% guessing
LoveMETV22 8 months ago
The only thing that even came close from my childhood was on Sesame Street.

LoveMETV22 LoveMETV22 7 months ago
As for the answer choices (Real/Bogus), does anyone remember the short lived animation series
"Mr. Bogus", that ran in Syndication from 1991-1993: Believe it also ran on the
Fox Family Channel/Freeform for a while after its original run. :
Steve67 8 months ago
9/10 All Guesses, never had any GPKs
CaptainDunsel 8 months ago
90% successful guesswork, 10% aydunno.
Peter_Falk_Fan 8 months ago
8/10 All guesses except Adam Bomb. I missed the last two.
Muleskinner 8 months ago
7/10. I was distracted taking out the trash.
tnminnow 8 months ago
7/10 missed the garbage 🗑️ a few times. 😁
Snickers 8 months ago
9/10. Remember collecting the cards when I was a kid.
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