How well do you know your comedy twosomes?

Be careful, this quiz is sure to be TWICE as hard!

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In a good comedy duo, you get twice the amount of laughs than you do with a regular comedian! In this quiz, we're asking you to fill in the blanks and tell us the name of this comedians other half is in some of the most hilarious duos of all time.

  1. This comedic duo starred in a number of films together, including Road to Rio, Road to Morocco, and Road to Utopia. It's Bob Hope and...
  2. In addition to working together on their radio show Dean Martin and _____ are known for their frequent comedic guest appearances on shows like Ed Sullivan's Toast of the Town, and movies like The Caddy, That's My Boy, and Hollywood or Bust.
  3. This comedy duo is known for films such as The Music Box, Babes in Toyland, and Busy Bodies. It's Stan Laurel and _____.
  4. These pals appeared in The Odd Couple and The Front Page. It's Jack Lemmon and
  5. Bud Abbott and _____ are known for their series of films, but also for their famous and oft-repeated comedy bit, commonly referred to as "Who's On First?"
  6. Carol Burnett and her other half, _____, appeared on The Carol Burnett Show together, commonly
  7. Well known for their comedies, Cheech and _____ have a career that has spanned across decades, and have included films like Up in Smoke.
  8. This married couple appeared in many films together, including A Damsel In Distress. They were George Burns and _____.
  9. This duo connected when they appeared on Saturday Night Live together, and later formed the group The Blues Brothers, which was developed into a film. They were John Belushi and _____.
  10. Tim Conway and _____, best known for their work on The Carol Burnett Show, kept audiences laughing in sketches like one known as ''The Dentist.''
  11. The two Muppets, Statler and _____, love ribbing the Muppets from their box seats.

How well do you know your comedy twosomes?

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Dajj 13 days ago
11/11. Shows my age maybe,eh? Some great duos!
STTOS 16 days ago
You got 11 out of 11 - No two ways about it, you aced this quiz! I agree with most reviewers, way too easy because they gave you half of the comedy team. The options should have been three different comdey teams, mentioning no names in the questions. But hey, we all need an easy one now and then. :)
Dajj 16 days ago
11/11. I loved watching those old road movies with Bob Hope and babababaBing!!!!
Geronimo 17 days ago
How well do you know your comedy twosomes?
You got 11 out of 11
No two ways about it, you aced this quiz!

Question #11 was a big guess
Geronimo 17 days ago
Can you tell what sodas these vintage advertisements are selling?
You got 10 out of 10
You're a soda master! We hope you're refreshed after taking this quiz!

Question #11 was a big guess
Irish 18 days ago
10/11 missed the Muppet question.
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