Daily Andy Griffith Quiz: "Andy and Opie - Bachelors"

In which Andy almost lets a good thing go!

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This quiz is about Season 3, Episode 4: "Andy and Opie - Bachelors". See which details you recall, and which you might need a little refresher on. Good luck, have fun, and be sure to share your score (cumulative or otherwise) in the comment section below!

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  1. Aunt Bee says that Opie looked like what kind of animal after his last haircut?
  2. Floyd: "It starts here and ends with your _____________."
  3. How do Andy and Opie decide whether they'll have pot roast or chicken?
  4. What part of Peggy's dinner confuses Opie the most?
  5. Which folk song do Andy and Peggy sing on the porch?
  6. Floyd haunts Andy, as the Sheriff's brain replays which phrase over and over again?
  7. Where does Barney go on his vacation?
  8. What does Peggy bring Andy and Opie for lunch?
  9. Andy doesn't finish his haircut, so Floyd owes him a...
  10. Floyd blabs to ______ while Andy is still in the barber chair.

Daily Andy Griffith Quiz: "Andy and Opie - Bachelors"

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8176Morgan 21 days ago
7/10 not bad considering a few I got correct was nothing but guess work, as were the three that I got wrong.
HoadieSnitch 1 month ago
9/10. I don't even remember anything about Opie's last haircut.
David HoadieSnitch 1 month ago
wake up and smell the coffee in the backroom of the court house
edcrumpacker 1 month ago
10/10 again. No one plays me like a "Barracuda" 😂🤣😅
Mark112763 1 month ago
Got #10 wrong. Thought it was Barney. Oh well... Not one of my favorite episodes.
edcrumpacker 1 month ago
Howard McNear was also great in this episode, love him as Floyd The Barber. His character really helped make T.A.G.S. great.
edcrumpacker 1 month ago
10/10. This is another wonderful non-Barney episode. One of my favorites. I think Miss Peggy was the best match for Andy. Love Miss Joanna More in the series.
Zip 1 month ago
Okay, so I did terrible on this quiz, but Peggy is still the best!
dm1bellamy 1 month ago
I did like Peggy the best for a wife for Andy. I learned later that she was married to Ryan O'Neil and mother of Tatum.
Mark112763 dm1bellamy 1 month ago
Kind of shocking ain't it...
2016jessica 1 month ago
9/10 I thought Barney went to Richmond.
Erikisme 1 month ago
10/10. Love when Andy and Peggy sing “Down in the Valley”. Love that song. Love Peggy! Why did you choose Helen, Andy? She bugs me. Oh the bugs!
bsantaniello Erikisme 1 month ago
I liked Peggy the best!
Zip Erikisme 1 month ago
I think Andy had some masochistic tendencies in him.
rwatson5651 1 month ago
9 / 10 woo woo!
Missed the Ollie question, I don’t even know who he is😞
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