How well do you know when Sammy Davis Jr. visited All in the Family?

This episode is considered one of the greatest moments in TV history. How well do you remember it?


To say Sammy Davis Jr's visit to the Bunkers in All in the Family was TV history would be an understatement. The episode "Sammy's Visit" was nominated for two Emmys and won one for outstanding directing. The laughter at the end of the episode, spurred by the famous kiss, went on for so long that it had to be drastically cut down for broadcast. Today, it's the top-rated episode of the whole series on IMDb with a 9.2 out of 10.

How well do you remember this classic moment in TV history?

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  1. What question does Edith ask when Archie tells her to guess who he drove in his cab?
  2. What does Sammy give Archie after the cab ride?
  3. What does Archie say they talked about during the cab ride?
  4. Archie says the difference between Sammy Davis Jr. and their neighbor, Lionel Jefferson, is "ten million dollars and..."
  5. What does Archie tell Edith not to mention when Sammy arrives?
  6. What misconception does Sammy have while being introduced to the Bunkers?
  7. What does Archie open up a fresh box of for Sammy?
  8. Sammy Davis Jr. tells Archie not to call him "Mr. Davis", but....
  9. Where is Sammy flying out to after visiting the Bunkers?
  10. What song do Mike, Gloria, and Lionel start singing while Archie and Sammy are talking?

How well do you know when Sammy Davis Jr. visited All in the Family?

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JHP 6 months ago
AITF is sooo good and for those that disagree...
may Santa (or whomever) bring you a nicely wrapped box full of common sense - it will help you
Zip 6 months ago
Ok, so I didn't remember that so well.
I remember Sammy much better from his appearances on The Rifleman. He was very good in those.
Wendy57 6 months ago
Very rusty on the details of this episode.
Jeffrey 6 months ago
"You got 4 out of 10" ------Sammy isn't too happy with that score. Maybe you'll do better on a quiz about his other guest appearances! ---I got 4, 5, 6, and 7 right.
Jeffrey Jeffrey 6 months ago
I didn't realize, (along with a lot of other folks) I did this quiz 8 months ago. Back in April, and did better then than now.
Flash4001 6 months ago
Questions 2 & 3 were not in the episode
ArchieB Flash4001 6 months ago
Episode 2 he was offered $20 if I am not mistaken. That was a trick answer as I believe they were all wrong with a possible misprint.
SparkleMotion 6 months ago
I only saw this episode once so my 5/10 isn't too bad.
Avie 6 months ago
"What does Archie say they talked about during the cab ride?

"Raquel Welsh
"The weather
"The traffic"

Raquel WELCH. Jeez, guys.
BrooklynGirl 6 months ago
The episode with Sammy Davis, Jr. was one of my favorites. The look on Archie's face, when Sammy kisses him on the cheek, is priceless
retro6 6 months ago
6/10. Sammy isn’t too happy with that score. Neither am I!
stevennordgren2 6 months ago
Haven’t watched the show in many years!
texasluva 6 months ago
Watched it once and remembered 70% of questions. Best look for it so the next time I bump up the percentage 🙄👉🏻😎
Snickers 6 months ago
Already did this quiz months ago.
Steve67 6 months ago
7/10 Scrolled down and saw I got the same score 8 Months ago, haven't seen it between quizzes I guess
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