How well do you remember when Mike met Archie Bunker for the first time?

Safe to say this introduction went off the rails pretty quickly.

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Do Archie Bunker and Mike Stivic get along? No.

Do they eventually find common ground? No. 

Did Archie ultimately let Mike live with him? Yes. 

It's no secret the two clash on just about everything, and always have. But for them to have always argued, they must have argued for the first time at some point! In the episode "Flashback: Mike Meets Archie," these two clashing characters are introduced to one another. 

And trust us, it doesn't take long for the arguing to start! How well do you remember the time Mike met Archie?

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  1. When Gloria says, "Just think Archie, Gloria and Mike have been with us as man and wife for one whole year. Ain't that wonderful?" What does Archie compare living with them for a year to?
  2. In the flashback scene, what song does Archie begin singing when he and Mike argue about politics?
  3. After Mike leaves, he keeps calling but Archie keeps answering the phone. What does he say?
  4. When Gloria finally answers the phone, it isn't Mike. Who is it?
  5. When Mike returns, what does Archie say after he answers the door?
  6. What will Edith threaten to do if Archie allows Mike to leave the house again?
  7. In this flashback episode, what anniversary are Mike and Gloria celebrating?
  8. Why does Archie blow out the candle?

How well do you remember when Mike met Archie Bunker for the first time?

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