Can you recall all the car trouble in the Cleaver household?

Who broke the headlight? Who broke the window?

They are part of the American Dream, every teenager's most-wanted material possession and sometimes, the most stressful possession in the household. Of course we're talking about the car! American suburbia in the '50s and '60s couldn't be complete without the car in the driveway, and that was no exception at the Cleaver residence.

The Cleavers had plenty of, we'll call it, memorable incidents with cars throughout Leave It to Beaver's six seasons. From Wally and the Beaver building their own car, to causing trouble for their father in his car, there was no shortage of car trouble in the Cleaver house. 

Even if it wasn't totally their fault, whenever Wally and Beaver were around a vehicle, one way or another, trouble seemed to gang up on them. 

How well do you remember Leave It to Beaver's car-oriented episodes? Take our quiz and find out! 

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  1. How much did Wally pay for his first car?
  2. How much does Wally give the tow truck driver to take away the stripped-down car by the end of the episode?
  3. Before having a car with an actual car engine, Wally and Beaver had this hot-rod. What did they use to power it?
  4. What happens when Beaver takes out the race car with his friend, even though he wasn't supposed to?
  5. Who took the swing that smashed the Cleavers' car window while playing ball?
  6. While cleaning the garage, which was full of wood and nails for a project Wally and Beaver were working on, a nail gives Ward's car a flat tire. What were the boys working on in the garage?
  7. In ''Beaver's Big Contest'' how much money is the sports car Beaver wins, but can't keep, worth?
  8. While pretending to be grown ups in the car with his friend, Beaver rolls his parent's car into the road, causing a traffic jam. What was the name of his friend in the car with him?
  9. Where are Lumpy, Wally, Beaver and Eddie traveling when Lumpy is behind the wheel of the Cleavers' car?
  10. What ''cool'' school club allows Wally and Eddie to ride around in fancy cars like this one?
  11. Whose car ends up with a damaged headlight after giving Lumpy's jalopy a push with the bumper?
  12. What didn't Wally take into account when pricing-out the purchase of this car, needing Ward's help to complete the deal?
  13. How does Eddie cause trouble while helping Wally park cars for Mr. Langley?
  14. How do Wally and Eddie retaliate after Lumpy puts smoke bombs in their car engines as a joke?

Can you recall all the car trouble in the Cleaver household?

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RichLorn 5 days ago
I rarely watch "the Beav", and it shows.
kirkindog 6 days ago
13/14. What can I say? I luv me some "Leave it to Beaver".
SusanTammy 7 days ago
11/14 I should have known more of these as I watch this every weekday.
Patricia 8 days ago
14/14 Pretty easy. I watch Beaver almost every day. I never get tired of it.
dodgebob 8 days ago
Golly folks, I feel like Eddie, 5/14.
LalaLucy 8 days ago
11/14. Geez. Missed more than I thought I would. I know this show better than that.
robert 8 days ago
I started out bad but recovered to get 10 out of the last 11. I have seen these episodes over 50 times each. I am disappointed in my score.
Coldnorth 11 days ago
9out of 14. Never watched the episode
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