How well do you know these cinematic wizards?

Are you a wiz kid? Or will you be left spellbound?


Alakazam! By the Chains of Krakkan! Avada Kedavra!

No matter how you spell it, wizards are some of the most interesting characters on film. There's just something very compelling about these beings with near-limitless capabilities. Maybe that's why they keep coming back over and over again in our stories.

Do you have a favorite purveyor of magic in movies? We're going to attempt to do the wizarding world justice with the following ten questions.  

How well do you know wizards? Find out here! Let us know your thoughts and your score in the comments section. Did we miss your favorite sorcerer? Sound off below!

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  1. What is the name of Mickey's master, the title Sorcerer in the "Fantasia" sequence "The Sorcerer's Apprentice?"
  2. Frank Morgan, the Wizard of Oz, also plays all of the following roles but one. Which one isn't Morgan?
  3. Who voices Merlin in "Shrek the Third?"
  4. 1974's "Son of Dracula" featured which Beatle as Merlin?
  5. Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme of the Marvel universe, is played by which actor?
  6. Name the wizard David Bowie portrays in "Labyrinth."
  7. Who plays the titular sorcerer in "Willow?"
  8. Dumbledore, of the Harry Potter series, has a first name. What is it?
  9. How many times has Ian McKellen played Gandalf in a theatrically released movie?
  10. Name the evil warlock wizard in John Carpenter's "Big Trouble in Little China," starring Kurt Russell.
  11. Which animator directed the 1977 animated post-apocalyptic science fantasy film Wizards?

How well do you know these cinematic wizards?

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Dysall 2 months ago
6/11. Apparently, I don't know the...actors.
AllisonWunderland 9 months ago
4/11…No, it’s the “I don’t know” Wizards that won 😆
Bapa1 9 months ago
5/11, "Help, Mr. Wizard, I don't wanna do this quiz anymore!"
bmoore4026 9 months ago
10 out of 11. And the 1989 movie The Wizard has nothing to do with magic. It's basically Rain Man for kids and a big commercial for Super Mario Bros 3. That's the only reason late GenXers and early Millennials like me watched that dull, piece of garbage movie.
texasluva 9 months ago
9 out of 11. Sometimes you just pick the one that you've never heard of. Did that on 7, 8 and 11 was a pure guess. #5 knew it wasn't the other two since Timothée Chalamet was in Dune and Matt Smith in Dr. Who and other movies.
Maverick66 9 months ago
4/11. It appears that someone cast a spell on me.
MrsPhilHarris 9 months ago
4/11 Yikes! I only knew the Wizard Of Oz and Harry Potter questions.
I got the same score too 🤷‍♀️
Sway 9 months ago
4/11..dunce cap not a wizard hat
Big3Fan 9 months ago
I guessed numbers four, seven, eight and ten correctly. I've watched WoO many times. Haven't watched any of the others.
Peter_Falk_Fan 9 months ago
10/11 Pretty easy for me. I missed the last question, though. Lucky guess on #3.
cperrynaples 9 months ago
9/11! missed 2 & 3! You confused me with duplicate answers on 3! Bonus Questions: [1]What Role did Frank Morgan play in Kansas? [2]Who played the title role in 4? Hint: He's a well-remembered singer who died too soon!
Mirramanee cperrynaples 9 months ago
He played the fake crystal ball reader who convinced Dorothy to go back home rather than run away. He appeared at the very end of the film as well, playing the same character, checking to see if Dorothy made it back home all right.
cperrynaples Mirramanee 9 months ago
Well, I thought of him as the medicine man because he had one of those vehicles!
cperrynaples 9 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Muleskinner 9 months ago
8/11. I nailed it! But they were all guesses! 😀
RobertK 9 months ago
4 of 11. No wizardry here! I was only sure of one answer and got lucky guesses on 3 others. After I aced through the Jimmy Buffett quiz, I'm back to my journey on the Walk of Shame!!
Runeshaper 9 months ago
8/11 So many FANTASTIC films mentioned here!

You nailed it! Celebrate by watching 1989's The Wizard!
cperrynaples Runeshaper 9 months ago
No that's a horrible movie!
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