How well do you know these Buck Rogers episodes?

It takes a true expert to know all of this 25th-century space trivia.

Thanks to MeTV fan Christopher Seeley from Killeen, Texas, for submitting this quiz! Do you have a great idea for a quiz? Share it with us!

Short-lived but beloved science fiction show Buck Rogers in the 25th Century capitalized on the resurgence of space stories in the late 1970s and early 80s. Fans, like the one who created this quiz, continue to enjoy it’s mix of space opera, dystopic sci-fi and comic relief.

How well do you know Buck? See how many of these trivia questions you can answer correctly!

  1. In "Planet of the Slave Girls" why did the fanatical Kaleel poison Earth's food supply?
  2. In "Plot to Kill a City" Seton Kellogg leads which group of elite assassins?
  3. In "Planet of The Amazon Women" how were unsuspecting space pilots lured to Planet Zantia?
  4. In "Journey to Oasis" Zykarian Ambassador Duvoe was portrayed by whom?
  5. In "The Golden Man" what special ability did young Vellus possess?
  6. In "The Dorian Secret" what crime was Asteria Eleefa accused of by the Dorians?
  7. In "Return of the Fighting 69th" which target do Buck, Wilma, Noah Cooper, and his comrades attack?
  8. In "Escape from Wedded Bliss" what does Princess Ardala threaten to use against Earth unless Buck Rogers is turned over to her?
  9. In "Space Vampire" Colonel Wilma Deering falls under which being's deadly power and control?
  10. In "A Dream of Jennifer" why is Leila Markeson altered by aliens to look like Buck Rogers's long-lost girlfriend Jennifer?
  11. In "Flight of the War Witch" Zarina the War Witch is played by which legendary Hollywood icon?
  12. In "Testimony of a Traitor" Buck Rogers is accused of which crime?
  13. In "Awakening" a frozen Buck Rogers is discovered aboard which spacecraft?
  14. In "Time of the Hawk" why does Buck Rogers go after Hawk?
  15. In "The Hand of the Goral" the Searcher was in good hands when Lieutenant Parsons was on duty. Who played him?
  16. What did Gary Coleman's Hieronymus Fox and Buck Rogers both have in common?
  17. Who voiced the opening narration for Buck Rogers season one?
  18. William "Buck" Rogers held which rank?
  19. Buck Rogers in the 25th Century was produced by whom?
  20. Which two talented people brought Twiki to life each week?

How well do you know these Buck Rogers episodes?

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Moonpie 9 months ago
The only episode of Buck Rogers that I REALLY know is the one with Julie Newmar....Meow
CaptainDunsel 9 months ago
I clearly got bucked off that horse!
MrsPhilHarris 9 months ago
7/20 Not bad considering they were all guesses. I have never seen the show.
Bret 9 months ago
The two I missed were from the 2nd season, which I don't really care for, and rarely watch.
TheDavBow3 9 months ago
How well do I know Buck Rogers episodes? Not in the slightest!!
Stoney 9 months ago
11 for 20. Very tough. Would still like to see Mr. Seeley do a "Land of the Giants" quiz.
cseeley90 Stoney 9 months ago
It's in the hopper. I have been asked for a Kolchak quiz as well.
Stoney cseeley90 9 months ago
Kolchak? Even better!
Big3Fan 9 months ago
2 (yes two)/10 Instead of listing the ones that I missed, it was much easier to list ten and seventeen as the ones I guessed correctly. I wonder if Hieronymous Fox ever uttered the phrase "what'chu talkin' 'bout Buck?" in that episode. Obviously BRit23thC was never on my watch list back in the day.
BrittReid 9 months ago
Zarina was much more of a hottie as The Catwoman...
texasluva 9 months ago
12/20. Bedeep bedeep bedeep! MeTV sure got us good that time Buck! It was that fan Christopher Seeley that done us in Twiki.
tnminnow 9 months ago
10/20. I'm surprised I did that good since I have never watched an episode.
DethBiz 9 months ago
17 out of 20. As long as Dr. Theopolis is pleased with my results then I am fine.
teire 9 months ago
6/20! I had no business taking this quiz, don’t know the show at all except from what I read about it on MeTV. Even at that, some of my guesses (I realized after the fact) were pretty ridiculous. Fun tho, as always.
AllisonWunderland teire 9 months ago
LOL...My sentiments exactly 😉
cseeley90 teire 9 months ago
Thank you, glad you liked it.
abuadamin 9 months ago
This was a very challenging quiz… Thank you!!! 🙂
cseeley90 abuadamin 9 months ago
You're very welcome.
teire cseeley90 9 months ago
I enjoyed the trick answers, some of which I only cottoned on to after incorrectly selecting them!
DIGGER1 9 months ago
How well do you know these Buck Rogers episodes?
You got 20 out of 20
Time for a happy dance, you did great!
cseeley90 DIGGER1 9 months ago
You get an all expense paid weekend at Sinaloa.
Is Sinaloa in Hawaii?!?!
michaelevensen 9 months ago
Got em all! Get down with your bad self Buck!
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Oh, are you Hungarian? You said you're Hungary?"
My lineage is not one of Attila The Hun nor place nearby. That stupid a in the way again. I keep telling it
texasluva Big3Fan 9 months ago
I have a true story to tell you about Garry Puckett. I grew up in San Diego in a neighborhood called Clairemont. Before he was famous Garry used to play at The Clairemont Square Quad Room. The Quad Room was a bar inside of a bowling ally. I was just 12 or so. I used to walk by the Quad Room on the left and bowling ally on the right. Could hear the music going on and wondered whom it was. I would see this guy come out a few times decked out in those type uniforms (sharp). Taking a smoking break. I was thinking wow that is rad I wonder who it was. Well a year or two later some talent scout or people saw his act and he hit the big time and became Garry Puckett and The Union Gap. I have found the story to this years ago. He grew up in my neighborhood. Here is that story which part I witnessed just by him coming out the doorway for me to see.
Big3Fan texasluva 9 months ago
Great story. I was a big fan of theirs. I still have all of their hits on 45s.
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