Was this an episode of Matlock or The Andy Griffith Show?

How well do you know Andy's two hits?


These are all deceptively simple episode titles. In fact, most of them are simply "The Something." But you can learn a lot from a single word or two. You might remember the plot point. Or, they just might sound like a certain kind of show.

Andy Griffith is the rare actor to portray two beloved TV characters in two different eras. He was Sheriff Andy. He was Matlock. 

Can you tell the difference between titles from The Andy Griffith Show and Matlock?

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  1. "Mr. Awesome"
  2. "Mr. McBeevee"
  3. "The Bookie Barber"
  4. "The Cookie Monster"
  5. "The Bed Jacket"
  6. "The County Nurse"
  7. "Santa Claus"
  8. "The Rat Pack"
  9. "The Tape Recorder"
  10. "The Cannon"
  11. "The Lemon"
  12. "The Gigolo"
  13. "The Hucksters"
  14. "The Lucky Letter"
  15. "The Jinx"

Was this an episode of Matlock or The Andy Griffith Show?

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PilotTom 34 months ago
14 out of 15 ! Very lucky I remembered some from Andy because our local MeTv Station WFOX Channel 30.2 in Jacksonville Florida will not show Andy or answer emails as to why not !!!!!!!!
JHP 36 months ago

watched all the eps (except for the darling ones) Ad nauseam

I wonder about #12 - wasn't there a ep titled "the gigolo" on TAGS?

MrBill 37 months ago
15/15; I am a big fan of TAGS so this one was easy for me.
Snickers 37 months ago
12 out of 15. Pretty good since I was never a fan of either show.
Muleskinner 37 months ago
15/15. I know TAGS like the back of my hand. 🤚
denny 41 months ago
14/15 missed The Lemon, thinking it was Barney's First Car.
Cougar 42 months ago
#13 the Huckster's was Andy Griffin show, NOT Matlock. Barney tries to chases the huckster's away, but they intimadate him, Andy tells a story about Barney being a trigger happy Deputy to the hucksters and when Barnet comes back they are scared of Barney. Got 12 of 15.(should be 13 for 15)
Cougar 41 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Muleskinner Cougar 37 months ago
The episode you described is “Lawman Barney.” Season 3 episode 7.
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