How well do you know the multiple variations of 'Kolchak'?

The TV screen wasn't the only way to watch Kolchak.


The Kolchak story began in 1972 with a novel written by Jeff Rice. Multiple adaptations in the following years have led to a cult following that still runs strong today.

There's more to Kolchak than just the 1974 TV series Kolchak: The Night Stalker. Several variations of Kolchak came out before and after the TV series.

How well do you know the strange, spooky and suspenseful franchise of Kolchak?

  1. What is the first name of Mr. Kolchak?
  2. What is his profession?
  3. Two films debuted before Kolchak: The Night Stalker TV series. What was the title of the first movie, released in 1972?
  4. Where was the setting of the movie?
  5. Kolchak: The Night Stalker television show debuted in what year?
  6. How many episodes did its one and only season have?
  7. Several years later, Kolchak: The Night Stalker television show had a strong influence on what other series?
  8. A reboot of the TV series debuted in 2005, but lasted less than one season. What was it called?
  9. The original Kolchak books were rereleased as one volume titled...

How well do you know the multiple variations of 'Kolchak'?

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Klink 21 months ago
Wish they would show the original movie. It’s fantastic
McGillahooala 21 months ago
8/9. I knew the movie took place in Vegas but then doubted myself.
CaptainDunsel 21 months ago
I missed the number of episodes and the title of the omnibus book. (It would have been funny if they'd called it "The Rice Papers".)
tnminnow 21 months ago
6/9 really liked the show. I was a teenager when it first came on.
BrittReid 21 months ago
9/9 Loved Kolchak. The Night Stalker movie that inspired the series is one of my favorites.
Big3Fan 21 months ago
Seven. I remembered a few answers from the previous quiz. Thanks MeTV!
justjeff 21 months ago
Another failure on a quiz... with numbers too low to report again.... @!!#//*!!!!!
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CaptainDunsel justjeff 21 months ago
You're the font guy - you tell ME. (And BTW, while you're at it, the world needs a "sarcasm" font even more urgently.)

Serious question though, as you *are* a font designer. The modern terms "upper case" and "lower case" derive from the early days of movable typefaces, when individual letters were stored in boxes along the printer's workbench, and for each letter there was an "upper" and a "lower" case.
1) Is there any difference between a "font" and a "typeface", or are the terms completely synonymous?
2) Is there any other word for lower case letters, like we have "capital letters" for upper case?
justjeff CaptainDunsel 21 months ago
From what I understand, in the digital realm "font" and "typeface" are synonymous... However, "font" in the days of metal type meant a given assortment of letters, numbers punctuation and supplemental characters for general printing needs, while "typeface" meant the design style...

According to Wikipedia, the old term "miniscule" also meant lower case, and the popular slang for them are "small letters"...

So, when you order a font such as my Snow Job JNL, you are buying a license to use a digital file, but the term "font" also refers to the style you are buying and using... such as "I set my headline in the font Bookman Old Style and the body copy (text) was in the font Palatino...
CaptainDunsel justjeff 21 months ago
Ah yes! "Miniscule"! It had been a long time since I heard that in the context of letters. But yes, that is the contrary to "Capital".

Thank you very much!
justjeff CaptainDunsel 21 months ago
My pleasure...
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