Are these fun facts about Halloween a trick or a treat?

Trick-or-treat! Can you figure out if these Halloween fun facts are real or not?


It's the Halloween version of true or false, but with some tricks and treats! As Halloween creeps up on us, many people have been getting ready for the big day by shopping for candy, costumes and more.

Let's take a look at some fun facts about Halloween. Your job is to decide if it's a trick or a treat! Good luck!

  1. Halloween is the second largest commercial holiday in the nation. link
  2. The fastest pumpkin carving was achieved in 20.89 seconds. link
  3. In 2021, U.S. shoppers spent 10.1 billion dollars in Halloween merchandise. link
  4. The average calorie count in a trick-or-treat bag is 11,000 calories! link
  5. The two M's in M&M's stand for Mars and Mercury. link
  6. Butterfinger once had an energy bar called Butterfinger Buzz. link
  7. The design of Mary Jane candies has changed more than four times over the last hundred years. link
  8. Spiderman was one of the most popular Halloween costumes in the '60s! link
  9. Junior Mints were named after a Broadway play. link
  10. The first Jack-O-Lanterns were actually made from turnips! link
  11. The classic "Halloween" film was shot in just 20 days! link
  12. Power Rangers were one of the most popular Halloween costumes in the '80s. link
  13. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are America's overall favorite candy around Halloween time.
  14. One in nine people are expected to buy a Halloween costume for their pet. link
  15. The least popular Halloween candy is Smarties! link

Are these fun facts about Halloween a trick or a treat?

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IndianaRockz 8 months ago
Yesterday, 9-14-2023, Dollar General already had Halloween AND Christmas candy & merchandise for sale. I also saw a house lit up with Halloween decorations as well. Maybe next week they'll have Valentines for sale. 😉

I'm surprised the quiz didn't mention the old standard popcorn balls or candy corn's weird cousin the lil cream filled sugar waxy pumpkins. 🎃 Please don't put any of those in my bag when I trick-or-treat at your house! 😉🎃😄
WilliamJorns 18 months ago
What irritates me is the way the ads suddenly open up, just as one's about to click on an answer choice. ENOUGH WITH THE ADS ALREADY!!!
BTW, I got 10 out of 15 correct. Not bad, don't you think?

Svengirlie2020 18 months ago
I don't know WHY so many people dislike candy corn ??
( MaryJane's ARE nasty ! )
vinman63 19 months ago
I thought Mary Jane because it',s plain nasty as worst candy.
Barry22 19 months ago
9/15, I dressed up as Spiderman in the sixties. I thought Snickers was the most popular candy bar. And I like Candy Corn. Interesting quiz.
Rick 19 months ago
nitpick: both the source and the quiz spelled Spider-Man (there *is* a hyphen) wrong.
moosecat 19 months ago
I got 9 out of 15. I didn't know we spent 10 BILLION dollars on Halloween. That's crazy!
itsGretchen 19 months ago
I didn't do too badly, I missed 3 🎃🍬 👻
hermanstein2015 19 months ago
10/15 I'm not even mad bc I love Halloween 🎃 I live for this day all year long!!!
CaptainDunsel 19 months ago
I could explain it away, but...
I'm not gonna do it - just wouldn't be prudent.
MrsPhilHarris 19 months ago
7/15 😳
texasluva MrsPhilHarris 19 months ago
Not quite as scary the movies you are getting soon 🎃😲😄
CoreyC 19 months ago
The least favorite candy is Necco Wafers.
CoreyC 19 months ago
This comment has been removed.
daDoctah CoreyC 19 months ago
Not in these parts. I actually liked Necco Wafers (and just about all the products that Necco made: Sweethearts/Conversation Hearts, Skybar, Candy Buttons, Mary Janes, Clark Bar, and my favorite Canada Mints).

The most hated had to be either candy corn, circus peanuts, or wax lips.
CoreyC daDoctah 19 months ago
My God I forgot about the wax lips yuck.
itsGretchen CoreyC 19 months ago
I fully agree! 😝
daDoctah CoreyC 19 months ago
You'll notice I made no mention of Good N Plenty, which also appears in a lot of the lists you'll find if you Google "least popular halloween candies". I happen to love licorice but I know it's one a lot of people hate.
CoreyC daDoctah 19 months ago
I never liked Good N Plenty but I did like Good N Fruity a predecessor to Mike N Ike.
Maverick66 19 months ago
8/15. I'm as ambivalent about my score as I am about the so-called holiday.
AllisonWunderland 19 months ago
6/15….Time to take another quiz 🤪
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