How well do you know the incredible career of Ed Asner?

From John Wayne Westerns to aliens to Santa Claus, he had a career like no other.


Ed Asner will go down in history not only as one of the most prolific and award-winning performers in Hollywood but also one of the nicest and best to work with — despite playing many grouches onscreen.

He worked right up until his passing this year at the age of 91, meaning he acted professionally in eight different decades. He appeared in Westerns on the big and small screens, played all manner of bosses, detectives — even aliens, and will forever be known as Lou Grant.

How well do you know his legendary career? Test your Ed Asner knowledge below!

  1. Lou Grant is arguably Ed Asner’s most famous role, first seen in which sitcom?
  2. What was different about Asner’s spinoff series ‘Lou Grant’?
  3. Asner played a prison warden in one of his very first TV roles on which anthology show?
  4. Asner's first feature film role came in the 1962 flick ‘Kid Galahad’ starring which famous singer?
  5. Which of these 1960s Westerns did Ed Asner NOT appear in?
  6. Asner acted alongside John Wayne, Robert Mitchum, James Caan, Paul Fix and Johnny Crawford in which Western film?
  7. Asner played an alien named Taugus in which sci-fi series?
  8. The movie ‘Gus’ featured a football kicking mule and paired Asner with which comedy legend?
  9. Asner won an Emmy Award for playing Captain Thomas Davies in which miniseries?
  10. How many Emmys did Asner win in his career?
  11. Asner played Santa Claus in which Christmas comedy?
  12. Asner lent his voice to which Pixar film?
  13. Asner appeared in both the original and recent remake of which show?
  14. True or false: Ed asner was in every single episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show.
  15. According to IMDb, Ed Asner has how many film and TV credits to his name?

How well do you know the incredible career of Ed Asner?

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MikefromJersey 33 months ago
11 for 15.
Here's trivia none of you will likely get:
On which TV shows did Asner smuggle in the photo of himself
when he played High School football. It would discretely hang in the background.
Yes, it was in Lou Grant's office, but where else?
I did post the answer on one of these quizzes but that was some time ago.
DanDolgin 33 months ago
The quiz doesn't mention a few other shows and a few movies that Ed Asner was in. Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Ironside, and The Alfred Hitchcock Hour - all shows that are or previously were on METV.
FLETCH 33 months ago
11 out of 15... did better than I thought I would
RichLorn 33 months ago
I bet Sue Ann Nivens would have aced this.
einnoB 33 months ago
7 out of 15………amazing actor! My favorite is Hallmark’s: The Christmas Card❤️❤️❤️❤️
Coolrain 33 months ago
11 out of 15 ... Some of the westerns I wasn't sure of
Deleted 33 months ago
This comment has been removed.
RichLorn 33 months ago
You should be tied to a chair and forced to watch My Mother the Car for a month.
Rob 33 months ago
Even worse, Small Wonder!
vinman63 33 months ago
My mother the car was at least funny.
AllisonWunderland 33 months ago
5/15...Yikes! That is just plain pitiful 😒
nightshade 33 months ago
11 out of 15 ..... but he was in several xmas movies every year ,,,,,, wither voicing santa or playing him ... or playing the nice but grumpy old guy that's in every xmas movie
DanDolgin 33 months ago
I missed a bunch of these, but there were a lot of other appearances of Ed Asner not mentioned in this quiz. Hallmark Channel's "The Christmas Card" and "Second Chances" movies, also several in a Hallmark movie series featuring Lacy Chabert and Brennen Elliot (don't remember name of the series). It was a series where Chabert and Elliot both inherit half of a Bed and Breakfast Inn. Asner was also seen in an episode of "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea", "Ironside", and "The Alfred HItchcock Hour".
JustGeri 33 months ago
Darn … 10/15!

Long life .. Mr. Asner has earned his rest, but I will miss him.
TSeym22 33 months ago
8/15 Guess I don't know his career all that well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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