You know these TV stars… but can you name the TV show?

We even give you a shot of them from the credits.

These stars are all known for classic TV series. But these are not those shows. These are the other show starring beloved icons. 

We took a screengrab of their name in the credits. See if you can recognize the show!

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  1. Andy Griffith left Mayberry and in the 1970s could be found on this show seen here.
  2. McLean Stevenson had a string of shows after M*A*S*H. Which one was this?
  3. Chuck Connors has several shows after The Rifleman. Which one is this?
  4. Before she was one of Charlie's Angels, Kate Jackson starred as a nurse in…?
  5. Buddy Ebsen is beloved as Jed and Barnaby, but he was also ''Uncle Roy'' on…?
  6. Sally Field is seen here starring in…?
  7. Burt Reynolds got his break on Gunsmoke… but also starred in other shows. Which one is this?
  8. Bob Denver will always be remembered for Gilligan. And Maynard. And maybe this show?
  9. Betty White has a career that spans decades… but which sitcom was this?
  10. Leonard Nimoy did more than Star Trek. Which show is this?
  11. That's not Farrah Fawcett, obviously, but she regularly appeared on this show.

You know these TV stars… but can you name the TV show?

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Bigwheel1 3 months ago
11/11 No fair Bob Denver starred in Far out space nuts 😮
BorisK 12 months ago
8/11. I do remember Bob Denver on 'The Good Guys' with Herb Edelman ... I knew at age 10 it was a seriously bad show but I watched it for a while anyway.
Mch28435 23 months ago
Never heard of alot of these
Oldielover 24 months ago
8/10.....Missed the Bob Denver one because I've never heard of 'The Good Guys',,,And ohhhhh,I should have piccked Harry O.
GTStang08 24 months ago
I got 9 of 11. I thought Gilligan was once a Space Nut, and I never knew that Lucas McCain bought some real estate in Africa.
robyni23 24 months ago
You got 5 out 11
Some shocking answers! How did you do?
All guesses. Should have known Hello Larry, I remember watching it.
Tracye 24 months ago
3/11 and everyone was a guess lol
LH 24 months ago
BOY!! 2/10 and I guessed on those. I did just as bad with the Gil Gerard thing
scp 24 months ago
11 out of 11. Had to guess on some, and in a couple of cases it was solely a process of elimination (I've seen two of the three Bob Denver choices, and that picture didn't match either of them).
Tresix 24 months ago
9/11, missed the Andy Griffith and Bob Denver questions.
DethBiz 24 months ago
7 out of 11. Cowboy in Africa? I saw that when it was called Mighty Joe Young starring Ben Johnson and Terry Moore.
cperrynaples DethBiz 24 months ago
Not really the same thing! In fact, Mighty Joe Young is an obvious knockoff of King Kong!
scp cperrynaples 24 months ago
[spoiler alert]

With a happier ending.
vinman63 scp 24 months ago
Son of Kong, the son made up for the father’s aggression.
DethBiz cperrynaples 24 months ago
Yeah, I figured it wasn't the same. I just meant that Ben Johnson was an actual cowboy and they were in Africa.
DethBiz scp 24 months ago
Very true!
lynngdance 24 months ago
Ok, I know this is off topic..but... here’s a random drawing I did, which is inspired by the lyrics of Billy Joel’s song, “Sleeping With The Television On”.
lynngdance lynngdance 24 months ago

P.S. maybe it’s not so off topic, I mean, MeTV is a TELEVISION station 😆 bad joke..😆
LoveMETV22 lynngdance 24 months ago
Always enjoy seeing your artwork not too far off topic they could be relatable to TV. Thanks for sharing.
lynngdance LoveMETV22 24 months ago
Thanks! 😄
Beatseeker lynngdance 24 months ago
liked it! love the song... off of glass houses, right?
lynngdance Beatseeker 24 months ago
Yes! Glass Houses! Thank you very much! (Wow, finally someone else who has heard that song 😆)
TijuanaSlim 24 months ago
7 of 11... it seemed like a lot had an 'obvious' wrong answer, making most 50/50
AgingDisgracefully 24 months ago
Can MeTV broadcast some of these obscurities?
Old is new if you never saw it in the first place.
Yes. maybe a little Betty White and Sally Field.
AmyandSandy 24 months ago
5/11. I would have done better flipping a coin
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