Which Matlock cast member was born after The Andy Griffith Show premiered?

Most younger cast members were alive to see the start of their costar’s iconic show – but one actor wasn’t even born yet!


Andy Griffith not only anchored one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time, he also led a popular legal drama, Matlock, 25 years later. His later turn as defense attorney Ben Matlock actually had one more season than The Andy Griffith Show, though fewer episodes.

Rounding out the cast of Matlock were fellow lawyers and investigators from a new generation. Though they were young, most were alive when their famous costar’s hit program premiered in 1960. However, one cast member had to catch the beginning of Andy Griffith in reruns because they weren’t born yet!

Look at the actors below and choose who you think it is. Keep guessing until you find them!

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  1. Who was born AFTER the premiere of The Andy Griffith Show?

Which Matlock cast member was born after The Andy Griffith Show premiered?

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SalRizzo 33 months ago
I know Dan Roebuck. I competed against him in forensics (speech and debate). He competed for Bethlehem Catholic HS, Bethlehem, PA.
I competed for Notre Dame HS, Easton, PA.

FLETCH 33 months ago
You picked Dan Roebuck! Correct!
Jaxter14 33 months ago
Julie Sommars was in a 70’s tv show called “The Governor and JJ”, she played JJ and the man who played the Governor also did an episode of Matlock.
Toot1956 33 months ago
Got it on the first try, Wow
CaptainDunsel 33 months ago
Got it on the fourth try.
There's something hinky about that picture.
kimmer 33 months ago
First pick winner!
kimmer kimmer 33 months ago
...also he lost a great deal of weight over the years...good for him!
Randall 33 months ago
Dan Roebuck played a great cameo in NCIS. The Episode, one of my favorites was called BOXED IN in which TONY and ZIVA get trapped in a shipping container and Dan plays a crooked manager at a shipping port
Catman 33 months ago
First pick. He just looked so young in the picture.
retro6 33 months ago
First try. And ended up being the year I was born.
TheOnlyONE 33 months ago
1st try. Just look at the picture. Fairly obvious.
15inchBlackandWhite 33 months ago
Yes, first try. Process of elimination. I knew it wasn't Nancy Stafford. She was Miss Florida 1976 so she would have to have been born at least twenty years earlier. Linda Purl and Brynn Thayer played characters around the same age so I presume that was roughly their actual age. Same with Kene Holliday and Clarence Gilyard. Julie Sommars was doing westerns in the 60's and was clearly older. As was David Froman, visibly. (he always struck me as the poor man's Fred Dalton Thompson. It's as if a casting director got a call saying "send me a guy who looks and sounds just like Fred Dalton Thompson but will work for union scale".)
Speaking of Fred Thompson, I hope somebody can answer this. In the Law & Order episode where Sergeant Greeley (I think that's his name, Mike Logan's first partner) is killed, is that Fred as the defense attorney? (Really, Arthur, defending a cop killer...)
Douglas 33 months ago
got it right on my first try!
cperrynaples 33 months ago
First guess! I knew that it had to be an actor from the ABC era! Fun Fact: Roebuck played Jay Leno in HBO's The Late Shift!
Moverfan cperrynaples 33 months ago
To add to the Fun Facts, the guy who played David Letterman in that, John Michael Higgins, is now hosting America Says on the Game Show Network.
cperrynaples Moverfan 33 months ago
Yes, and he's in every Chris Guest movie!
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