Can you fill in the right pun for these Wile E. Coyote cartoon titles?

These titles spoof common phrases, songs and even a famous movie cowboy!


Looney Tunes cartoons are famous for their pun-y names. Bugs Bunny never met a phrase he couldn’t insert the words “hare” or “rabbit” into and Daffy had “duck” or “quack” in many of his titles.

Likewise, Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner had many shorts labeled with funny phrases and puns. Here are ten of their cartoons. Try to guess the missing word to complete each title!

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  1. Can you complete this pun?
  2. What's the last word in this title?
  3. What word goes here?
  4. Instead of "Listen" this titles uses...
  5. This title references a famous song, can you fill in the blank?
  6. What pun does this title use?
  7. Can you complete this title?
  8. What's the Looney Tunes twist on this funny phrase?
  9. This pun on "guided missile" uses the word...
  10. This title spoofs a famous cowboy. Can you fill in the blank?

Can you fill in the right pun for these Wile E. Coyote cartoon titles?

Your Result...

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LadySnake 16 months ago
9/10 My late father & I LOVED Road Runner/Wyle E Coyote toons, so it didn’t surprise me I did so well. Only thing that shocked me was that I missed one.
ClassicTVnut 23 months ago
4/10 looks like I'm more Looney than in Tune with the correct answers.
Kergooliewyn 23 months ago
5/10 Not good, but better than expected. Which is not good.🤔
MikefromJersey 30 months ago
Question # 2 is from the Road Runner cartoon "Hook, Line and Stinker", it was on MeTV today,
Oct. 16. For some reason the sound track had nothing to do with the usual sounds, music
cues etc. we normally hear in a Warner Brothers cartoon.
In fact the "music" was a total misfit, it severely detracted from one's enjoyment. All of it, the
cues, music, theme, came direct from the Dennis the Menace sitcom, I half expected Mr. Wilson
to yell at Wile E. Coyote to keep the noise down. It was awful.
Was there a strike by the musicians union, etc. and Warners decided on the El Cheapo option
to use the Dennis material? Did Warners own the Dennis sitcom?
This is like using the Star Trek music for Columbo.
Actually, some of the Trek music/cues was recycled for 12 O'Clock High, a now little
remembered show that was outstanding.
Toonhead MikefromJersey 30 months ago
Thanks! I just saw that toon yesterday and I agree with you on the music wholeheartedly, I just couldn’t place where I’d heard it before!!
MikefromJersey Toonhead 30 months ago
Hi Toonhead,
You are welcome and I am glad you agree how badly this cartoon was treated. I am sure the
writers/director weren't happy when they saw what Warners did to the audio.
I think I'll ask the MeTV crew, maybe they will do one of their "Stories" on it. Or not,
you never know.
Toonhead MikefromJersey 30 months ago
Good Idea, I love it when Bill gives us some inside dope about toons, such as The additional voices in some of the toons. I would love to here the story about Elmer’s original voice artist for example. What d’ya think? Always a pleasure to hear from you pal. 😎
MikefromJersey Toonhead 30 months ago
Hi Toon,
Somewhere on these boards they did explain about the original voice of Elmer Fudd, I
have no idea where. Maybe one of our fellow posters will remember and tell us
the story.
Toonhead MikefromJersey 30 months ago
Hi Mike ! My memory is working a little bit better today. I believe that the gentleman’s name was Arthur Q. Bryant. I remember the time that I first saw him, I believe it was a Fibber Mc Gee & Molly film. I wasn’t paying attention until I heard a somewhat familiar voice. When I looked up, as I recall, it was like looking at Elmer Fudd brought to life! I’m pretty sure that they used Mr. Bryant as a loose template for the original Elmer character. The characteristic speech quirks were there but muted. I was totally gobsmacked! Lol It was shortly thereafter that I learned that he was E.F.’s original voice, that is if I’m not disrembering, that is. Maybe some of our friends out there can fill in the blanks. My memory sometimes is more like a steel sieve than a steel trap these days lol. Thanks y’all 😎
MikefromJersey Toonhead 30 months ago
Thank you for sharing.
GTStang08 31 months ago
I was building an ACME bomb💣 when all of a sudden💥!!! detonated on Me! 4 of 10! Well, back to the ACME instruction manual📕 and...oh wait a minute!...That's what got me blown up in the first place. The pun for my score is, "You Snooze...You Get-Blown-Up"
Toonhead GTStang08 30 months ago
Lmao! 😂😎
Toonhead 31 months ago
AAAAUGGH! 6/10 I should’ve done it when I wasn’t distracted by “Toon In With Me”! Lol
LadySnake Toonhead 16 months ago
Toonhead, what do you think about Toony? That fish really irritates me. Y’know, they could fit at least one (if not 2) extra toons in that hour (I guess I’m spoiled from being a kid back in the dark ages of television)
TheSentinel 31 months ago
Got all 10.
Toonhead TheSentinel 31 months ago
Egad! Bravo sir or madam as the case may be! I genuflect in your general direction! lol Great job!
Tresix 31 months ago
6/10. Must have been using my Acme brain!
Toonhead Tresix 31 months ago
Good one! I’m lmao!
geatornez82 32 months ago
9/10. I missed #6, because of the choices of answers it gave us.
jtrain 32 months ago
9/10 got #9 wrong.
Toonhead jtrain 30 months ago
Ok you guys are giving me a complex. Just josh’in, as someone else said, I was using my Acme brains lol 😎🤣
saswifteagle 32 months ago
6/10. The coyote got a better chance of catching the road runner, than me catching a break!
Toonhead saswifteagle 31 months ago
I have a question. Consider the vast amount of money the coyote spent with Acme, why didn’t he just order the frozen roadrunner TV dinner?
Snickers Toonhead 30 months ago
Good question. Maybe he didn't have a microwave.
Toonhead Snickers 30 months ago
🤣 👏😝😂😎. You have a point, for sure! Although I would think that any company that offers jet powered roller skates and a do-it-yourself-rocket-sled-kit just might possibly have a microwave somewhere in the catalog! Lmao, sir!
Runeshaper 32 months ago
4/10 Eeesh! LOL
Toonhead Runeshaper 30 months ago
I feel your pain. I only went 6/10 myself. I should be flogged by a wet noodle.😎
ChrisMitchell 32 months ago
7 out of 10 is pretty good
Toonhead ChrisMitchell 30 months ago
Yes it is! Bravo!👏😎
idkwut2use 32 months ago
Got 80% of ‘em
Toonhead idkwut2use 30 months ago
Egad! Jealousy I’ll becomes me. I genuflect in your direction! 👏😎
idkwut2use Toonhead 30 months ago
Why thank you good sir...^-^
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