How well do you know the hit songs of 1968?

Will your results top the charts or melt like vinyl in the sun?

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1968 was a year that pushed the culture forward. There were more news items, more entertainment, and more stuff vying for American attention than ever before. 1968 saw the premiere of both Mister Rogers' Neighborhood and Night of the Living Dead. Never before had "entertainment" encompassed such a wide spectrum. 

Things that were happening all over the world were reflected back to consumers everywhere they looked. Our shows and movies carried with them the signs of the times. It was also one of the greatest years in recorded music history. Never before had such poignancy and innovation been pressed to wax.

Do you remember the biggest hits of 1968? Were you there to witness it all, or are you a music history buff? Find out what you know, what you've forgotten and what you can stand to learn with this quiz. Be sure to share your score in the comment section below! 

  1. Which Beatles song topped the Billboard Year-End Hot 100?
  2. The million-selling "Love is Blue" was a number one hit for five weeks of 1968 when it was released by which artist?
  3. Bobby Goldsboro sold over one million copies with what number one hit?
  4. "(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay" was a posthumous number one song for Otis Redding. Who was his co-writer for this hit?
  5. "People Got to Be Free" was a number one smash for The Rascals, who hailed from which state?
  6. Cream had a hit with "Sunshine of Your Love" which was written as a tribute to which musician?
  7. Which Archie Bell & the Drells song charted the highest, landing at #10 on the Billboard Year-End Hot 100?
  8. The Doors scored a hit with "Hello, I Love You." What was that single's B-Side?
  9. Usually the trumpet player and band leader of his Tijuana Brass, Herb Alpert scored a number one hit singing lead vocals on which song?
  10. "Green Tambourine" was one of the first psychedelic-influenced pop songs to reach number one. Who released the original hit recording?

How well do you know the hit songs of 1968?

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Randall 3 months ago
Favorite Song of 68' ( The Year I was Born) MacArthur Park! It's seven minutes length changed the rule for hot songs! If you listen to the haunting and fabulous arrangement,You will hear Almost every instrument You can imagine! Jimmy Webb is an American Poet!
Kramden62 4 months ago
Another song that was a hit in 1968 (in fact, it was the first #1 single of that year):
"Judy in Disguise, With Glasses" by John Fred (Gourier) and his Playboy Band.
There were four different pressings, with either a solid yellow, solid white, solid red, or pink Paula Records label; the pink one is the more common pressing (I have the solid white one). The B-side, "When the Lights Go Out," was also a good song.
After "Judy in Disguise" spent its time at the top, it was succeeded by "Green Tambourine" and then "Love is Blue."
Moverfan 4 months ago
Got eight out of ten. Damn good, considering I was six in 1968...
Amalthea Moverfan 4 months ago
I got 8 out of 10...and I was 4. I DO have 5 older siblings, so...
Glornt 9 months ago
6/10, with some guessing. Better than I expected.
dougandandyfan 10 months ago
Those Were The Days by Mary Hopkins.
trogg888 10 months ago
8,that was the year i started high school and we covered sunshine of your love in the cover band i played in all through high school and still played into the 2000s
MadMat2102 10 months ago
2/10. Hey, I was only 5 y/o in ‘68.
Dajj 10 months ago
7/10. I did better than I thought I would. I still love these ol’ songs!!
Moverfan 11 months ago
8/10. I was SIX YEARS OLD in 1968!
BoobTuber Moverfan 11 months ago
Give yourself a pat on the back! 👏👏
Herbert 11 months ago
Not bad for a person who was only 7 at the time ha ha.
trogg888 11 months ago
If youve ever listened to the vocals on herbs song youll know why he didnt sing much.loved that band though.had all their records along with my hendrix and beetles
SheriHeffner 11 months ago
Groovy! You hot 8 out of 10. I was five in 1968 and my mom kept the radio on in the car. Plus I knew the Love Is Blue one because I listen to Easy Listening music all night
BenSobeleone 11 months ago
A few more hit songs from 1968: Journey to the Center of the Mind by The Amboy Dukes and Hush by Deep Purple.
Giggity BenSobeleone 11 months ago
Whoa!! Havin' a flashback..
BenSobeleone Giggity 10 months ago
Very cool!
Moverfan BenSobeleone 4 months ago
Hush came before Smoke On The Water? Didn't know that...
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