How well do you know Otis Campbell?

Town drunk trivia!


Otis Campbell, as played by Hal Smith, is the Mayberry town drunk. It's hard work, but hey, somebody has to do it! 

His constant inebriation makes him the butt of many jokes, but at his heart, Otis is harmless. That's why he's so fun to have around! 

Let's see how well you recall the biographical details of ol' Otis' life. Be sure to share your score and your favorite Otis Campbell scene in the comments section below!

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  1. Otis first appeared in which episode?
  2. What is Otis' day job?
  3. Why does Otis bring a suit to jail on Friday?
  4. Otis is the descendent of a Revolutionary War hero. What's the war hero's name?
  5. What is Otis' brother's name?
  6. Later in the series, Deputy Warren Ferguson tries to change Otis' hobby to which of the following?
  7. Otis has a wife named _________.
  8. Which of these episodes does Otis NOT appear in?
  9. During a fight with his wife, Otis accidentally strikes his mother-in-law with which of the following?
  10. Otis has a phobia for which of these?

How well do you know Otis Campbell?

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wrs44145 4 months ago
Coldnorth wrs44145 2 months ago
You are the champ. I got a whopping 2 right
geatornez82 5 months ago
I know nothing about Otis, but I know a little about the man who plays him.
bstang6066 5 months ago
9/10 #7 wrong. Otis is a top tier character.
Zip 5 months ago
Guess I know more about Otis than I thought. *hic
revonr 5 months ago
Opie's first episode was the New House Keeper
FLETCH 5 months ago
Hal Smith played Otis perfectly. Otis was likeable and funny, despite his rather unfortunate alcohol problem
Wendy57 5 months ago
Thought I’d do better by Otis.
Forgive me ole pal. I’ll hold your knee and sing with you if you do. 😌
kathyo 5 months ago
1/10 wow.. i guess i dont know otis like i thought i
SparkleMotion 5 months ago
4/10 but the 4 I knew, I knew and they weren't guesses. 3, 4, 7 and 8. So I think that's not too bad.
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