Tell us your favorite Don Knotts movie!

Which one of these classics do you love best?

Don't get us wrong... We love Barney Fife. But, some of Don Knotts' very best work was done outside of Mayberry.

He starred in a ton of movies. Throughout the sixties, Knotts was the headliner in a string of films. He didn't have to play second banana to Andy Griffith at the cinema.

Then, as the seventies rolled in, Knotts starred in a series of successful Disney movies, often paired with fellow comedy luminary Tim Conway. It was a match made in heaven.

We want to know one thing, though... Which one is YOUR favorite? We've done the hard part by listing all the big ones to help jog your memory. All you have to do is let us know which is your favorite.

Did you get to see Don Knotts at the movies? Or have your experiences all been through home video/cable? Let us know your favorite memories in the comments section below!

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  1. Which Don Knotts movie is your favorite?

Tell us your favorite Don Knotts movie!

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KellyO 20 days ago
Atta boy, Luther! I love Don Knotts.
19611313 21 days ago
My favorite was him in "Walking Tall"
Renny13 1 month ago
100% with The Ghost and Mr Chicken. “They should have used Bon Ami”. Anyone remember that line? 😊
Katch 1 month ago
Picked Ghost and Mr. Chicken. Attaboy, Luther!! But also liked Apple Dumpling Gang and the Reluctant Astronaut a lot.
19611313 1 month ago
I chose "The Dirty Dozen". I really liked him as that tough German Officer.
CrumblyCrunchies 1 month ago
II mean. Who has even seen more than 3 of these movies? Might as well just watch The Andy Griffith Show and call it good.
KellyO CrumblyCrunchies 20 days ago
Me. I’ve see all but one.
Jeffrey 1 month ago
"20% similar -----20% similar to the most popular responses." I chose "The Shakiest Gun in The West" because that's my favorite, but I was going to choose The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, because that's really funny. And he was O.K. in "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World" because that's my most favorite movie of all time! I used to have it on DVD, but lost it somewhere some how.
Jeffrey Jeffrey 1 month ago
I went with "Shakiest Gun in the West" because of the Redhead in it, Barbara, I can't remember her last name.
Katch Jeffrey 1 month ago
KellyO Jeffrey 20 days ago
His role in Mad World was a blip, funny but lasted less than a minute. One of my favorite films too, especially Jonathan Winters and Ethel Merman.
nerakr 1 month ago
The Apple Dumpling Gang. Hadn't seen most of them. Probably saw Herbie and Gus but don't remember them.
ironman2000 1 month ago
I chosen The Incredible Mr. Limpet over a tough match between The Ghost and Mr. Chicken. I saw Mr. Chicken at the theater after Don Knott's great run on The Andy Griffith Show, and he was a hit. These two films carry a special place in my heart, and I experience it every time I watch them. I haven't seen Mr. Limpet in over 50 years, and this quiz is making want to look for a copy of it.
Zip 1 month ago
20% similar.
I chose The Shakiest Gun In the West. What can I say, I like Westerns. I also liked the Apple Dumpling Gang, but I think "Shakiest" was a good role for Don't persona.
I actually would have chosen, Herbie Goes o Monte Carlo because I love Herbie movies, but this is about Don, and honestly, I don't remember his character too much.

As for the Love God, which I have never seen, I do think I know where Howard Sprague got his swinging attire for his bachelor pad.
Wendy57 1 month ago
100% similar
The Ghost and Mr. Chicken !
TownOfMayberry 1 month ago
How to Frame a Figg and The Love God are tough to watch. Not much entertainment value.
daDoctah TownOfMayberry 1 month ago
Lots of good-looking women in both, but that's just about the only real selling point.
obectionoverruled 1 month ago
Sorry but all those movies (at least a couple I recall suffering through) were like tinsel falling off the Andy Griffith Christmas tree. Barney’s character is still after all these years and industry developments THE funniest to ever grace the idiot box. Every show he was in was a classic. There were no duds. From ticketing the governor’s limo to popping in every 3 minutes on Andy and his girlfriend (in more ways than one, eh?) out at the lake, Barney stole the show.
You mean episode. Not “show.”
The entire series was a show that had 249 episodes.
JayBurd 1 month ago
100% similar
100% similar to the most popular responses.

The Ghost and Mr. Chicken!
BenjaminMosesCookeIII 1 month ago
I liked The Incredible Mr Limpet. I got 70%.
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