The Andy Griffith Show ''Convicts-At-Large'': Fill in the Blanks

Barney and Floyd are held hostage in a cabin by three escaped women convicts.


Here's an all-timer for The Andy Griffith Show ...

"Convicts-At-Large" has always been one of the show's most popular episodes. Many viewers cite it as their favorite! 

So, let's see how well you can recall the finer details. We've taken some of the episode's dialogue and taken out a word or two. It's your job to fill in the blank and tell us what's missing! 

Is this your favorite Andy Griffith episode? Be sure to let us know in the comments section while you share your score! 

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  1. "These women are not armed, but can be dangerous. The leader is _____________."
  2. "Oh, for the love of... NAOMI! The ___________ are burning!"
  3. "She's a convicted ________-beater."
  4. "Make the call. Just say you're up here with ________ and he's asked you to stay the night."
  5. "In ________ I'm a little hard looking."
  6. "I thought _____ squealed on ya and sent ya up."
  7. "Uh, I-I can't stand crowded ___________."
  8. "If ______ wants to dance, ya DANCE!"
  9. "Al, honey, Naomi's making all the burgers medium-rare; as I recall, you like your burgers _______."
  10. "By right's I ought to let Naomi curl your hair with this _______."

The Andy Griffith Show ''Convicts-At-Large'': Fill in the Blanks

Your Result...

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Jzell4217 4 months ago
The hamburgers get me hungry every time I see this episode....
braycy 4 months ago
Maude & her gum chewing! Floyd eating a banana, Barney forced to dance! Good stuff!
Griselda 4 months ago
"You're startin' to get to me." Don Knotts and Rita Shaw have great chemistry together.
tootsieg 5 months ago
6/10. Even though I scored low, this episode is one of my favorites. Barney, I mean Al is so darn funny.
braycy 5 months ago
How bout Floyd eating a banana while held hostage, like nothing is wrong! Then stealing the headlines!
Good stuff!
braycy 5 months ago
(Aunt Bee the Warden still my fav!)
Anyway.. Barney looks at Maude & says "yer starting to get to me"
rain7sky9 braycy 3 months ago
Loved it
Samuel 5 months ago
Reta Shaw was Big Maude. She was in at least one other episode of TAGS.
Griselda Samuel 4 months ago
She played Eleanora Poultice, Barney's voice coach, in The Song Festers.
Toot1956 5 months ago
9/10 Good Episode, Al Iwant be repsonsible for these Hamburgers!!!!
CrumblyCrunchies 5 months ago
"...I'm not going be responsible if those hamburgers burn!"
STTOS 5 months ago
You got 10 out of 10 - You're a hero! Well done. I've said it before and I'll say it again...I know my TAGS!! :)
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