How well do you know Miss Kitty Russell from Gunsmoke?

Only the biggest Kitty fans can get 10/10 on this quiz!


One of the essential parts of Gunsmoke’s 20-year longevity is the ensemble cast. Each character had a distinct personality that could be highlighted in their own stories as the series went on. One of the Western’s best characters was Kitty Russell. She was tough, kind, funny and caring.

How well do you know this iconic Western woman? Take the quiz below and put your Kitty knowledge to the test!

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  1. Kitty is the owner of which saloon in Dodge City?
  2. True or false: Kitty and Matt Dillon get married in Gunsmoke’s final season.
  3. What is the first name of the actress who played Kitty?
  4. Which season of Gunsmoke is Kitty not in?
  5. On one rare occasion where Kitty and Matt actually plan a date together, Matt does what?
  6. Which city did Kitty grow up in?
  7. Kitty was raised by a woman who visits Dodge City and has which unique name?
  8. In one memorable episode, Kitty becomes an adoptive aunt to a young boy whose father is what?
  9. Kitty once pretended to be the wife of a boisterous Cavalry Sergeant named…
  10. How many Gunsmoke sequel television movies did Kitty appear in?

How well do you know Miss Kitty Russell from Gunsmoke?

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Susan00100 32 months ago
9/10. There was no mention of the fact that, on the original radio series, Kitty was a prostitute!
RedSamRackham Susan00100 19 months ago
* In early TV episodes we saw guys and female employees of Kitty going upstairs to rooms together! nudge nudge
LH 34 months ago
Well, two out of 10 and even that was a guess. I never watched Gunsmoke… Not even one episode! Oh well…😁
PortelaJ 34 months ago
Whew doggey. On today’s episode of Gunsmoke, “MacGraw”, the main character walks into the Bull’s Head saloon. Immediately, I recognize Sam tending bar and when asked for the owner he points to Miss Kitty sitting at a table. Somewhere in the middle of the episode they show the Bull’s Head saloon again but it’s entirely different. If my wife hadn’t seen it with me I would think I was seeing things. If anyone has the Gunsmoke DVDs and can verify I’m not going crazy I’d be “much obliged”. Happy Father’s Day MeTV gang.
joesgirl0910 PortelaJ 33 months ago
Season 15, Episode 12…..called “Macgraw”….In the scene you’re writing about, Macgraw was across the street from the Bull’s Head Saloon…..He was standing under a sign that read The Long Branch Saloon, but across the street, Macgraw saw someone of interest (at that point we don’t know who) entering The Bull’s Head Saloon…..but Macgraw does not cross the street….instead he turns around and as he does, it shows him entering the establishment with the sign that reads The Long Branch Saloon….Miss Kitty never owned any saloon in Dodge but the Long Branch…..The Bull’s Head was the seedy saloon where none of the repetitive characters (Mat, Doc, Festus,etc) visit…..
PortelaJ joesgirl0910 33 months ago
Much obliged to ya. That’s where I miss my DVR. Thoroughly enjoy Gunsmoke, my go to western. May have to spring for the DVD set. Birthday’s coming up so maybe I’ll drop a hint or two to the family. See ya in Dodge!
34 months ago
9 out of 10. (Panacea?)
JanFresh 34 months ago
LH JanFresh 34 months ago
I did worse than you!!🤡
JanFresh LH 34 months ago
And I've literally watched gunsmoke for years lol you'd think I would've done better!
richardkel 34 months ago
9/10. Missed the last one. Didn't watch the movies, just the series
SashaPayneDiaz 34 months ago
6/10 Never watched it much in it's day, have never watched it since.
Craigg 34 months ago
You got 9 out of 10
You deserve a drink at the Long Branch on the house. Great job!
buckshott 34 months ago
9/10 not too bad. Love "Gunsmoke", especially the first 10 years of it.
grandpa5741 buckshott 34 months ago
I agree love those episodes way more than the last 10 seasons. The color ones seemed so corny.
dodgebob 34 months ago
Kitty kicked my mule skinnin "A", 3/10
Cowgirl 34 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
You deserve a drink at the Long Branch on the house. Great job!
CaptainDunsel 34 months ago
Astonishing I did that well. I was never a watcher of "Gunsmoke".
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