Did these Gunsmoke guest stars play heroes or villains?

Were these memorable characters good or evil?


Appearing on Gunsmoke was a big step for up-and-coming actors and a chance for established stars to play a character they might not normally play. There were countless guest stars over the series’ 20-year run, most arriving in Dodge City to stir up trouble. However, some were friends and allies of Marshall Matt Dillon.

Now is your chance to distinguish between the two. Out of these Gunsmoke guest stars, can you guess who is playing a hero and who is embodying a villain?

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  1. Bette Davis brought her striking screen presence to her role as a Gunsmoke...
  2. Buddy Ebsen's mountain man, Drago, ultimately became a...
  3. William Shatner's one Gunsmoke role had him playing a...
  4. Michael Learned's tough frontier woman was a...
  5. Bruce Dern appeared in multiple Gunsmoke episodes always as a...
  6. Harrison Ford had small parts in two Gunmsoke episodes as a...
  7. Jeannette Nolan played Dirty Sally so well she got her own spinoff! Was she a hero or a villain?
  8. Slim Pickens played good and bad guys on Gunsmoke. As the harmonica playing Bucko he was a...
  9. Before becoming the Rifleman, Chuck Connors acted on Gunsmoke as a...
  10. Charles Bronson appeared twice on Gunsmoke in very different roles. As Ben Tiple in "Lost Rifle" he was a...
  11. Harry Morgan's Gunsmoke roles varied but as Osgood Pickett in "The Witness" he was definitely a...
  12. June Lockhart appeared on Gunsmoke as an unexpected...

Did these Gunsmoke guest stars play heroes or villains?

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Keith 34 months ago
10/12 I got the Harry Morgan and Slim Pickens questions wrong.
DeborahRoberts 35 months ago
Absolutely love Gunsmoke. And Bruce Dern was the quintessential Western villain. He didn't always play the bad guy, but even when he didn't, you couldn't help wondering what he was up to.
JC 36 months ago
You got 10 out of 12
You're a hero for scoring so
grandpa5741 36 months ago
9 of 12. Color or B/W which are better? B/W shows always seemed more realistic to me. 🤠
vinman63 36 months ago
I can’t see Bette Davis as a hero.
Germanrazor 36 months ago
12/12 and it seems in one of the Bruce Dern appearances he was a somewhat good guy.
UTZAAKE 36 months ago
10/12. 6 & 11.
5. Fear the sneer!
olddogg 36 months ago
Bruce Dern a superb psycho bad guy. One of my favorite actors. I like bad guys there more entertaining...lol
dodgebob 36 months ago
Being bad, 8/12, doesn't always mean your a villain, just bad.
trogg888 36 months ago
bette was really evil in that episode and her son was one of the alien actors
trogg888 36 months ago
couldnt remember the shatner episode.that june episode was pretty creepy as i recall.most of all those early b and white episodes had bad endings for everyone
jtrain 36 months ago
11 out of 12 did not see the episode with June Lockhart, guessed wrong. Hard to believe she played a villan!
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