How well do you know the career of Ken Curtis?

He sang with jazz bands, voiced a Disney character and even produced horror movies.


Ken Curtis will forever be remembered as Festus Haggen on Gunsmoke, but there were many other facets to the multi-talented performer. He started in show business as a singer and began appearing in Western films showing off his musical chops before winning both comedic and dramatic roles.

How well do you know the career of Ken Curtis? Take this quiz to find out!

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  1. On what season of Gunsmoke did Ken Curtis first appear as Festus?
  2. Before officially joining the cast of Gunsmoke, Curtis was a regular on a show about skydiving called…
  3. Which Western show did Curtis NOT appear in before joining Gunsmoke?
  4. Curtis appeared in an episode of Perry Mason playing what kind of entertainer?
  5. How many times did Curtis guest star on Gunsmoke as someone other than Festus?
  6. Curtis sang with Tommy Dorsey's band, replacing which famous crooner?
  7. Curtis was also a member of which country music group?
  8. Curtis produced and starred in which horror movie about monstrous rodents?
  9. Curtis appeared alongside John Wayne in multiple movies directed by which famous Western filmmaker?
  10. Curtis used his Festus twang to voice a vulture in which animated Disney movie?
  11. Curtis reunited with fellow Gunsmoke star James Arness in which later series?
  12. Curtis appeared alongside Sam Elliott, Cybill Shepherd and Chuck Connors in what short-lived 80s Western series?

How well do you know the career of Ken Curtis?

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Jamesatkinson 36 months ago
10 out of 12: I got on that quiz like "ugly on an ape". 😁
Mike 37 months ago
8/12, and totally suprised that I actually knew 8. Who knew ??? :)
Snickers 38 months ago
7 out of 12. Don't know Ken Curtis that well.
Tommy 38 months ago
12/12... Wasn't sure about the voice one or tv show with Sam Elliott guessed correct. Everyone have a great weekend
raustin2008 38 months ago
7 of 12. I considered that an accomplishment.
Marshall_Kolchak 38 months ago
Mr. Curtis, i barely know thee... 3/12
phialpha 38 months ago
Hold your taters. Did pretty good.
Claire 38 months ago
Did he also play the part of Ernst T Bass
Gumbysstuntdouble Claire 38 months ago
No, that was Howard Morris.
Claire 38 months ago
Looking at the pix was that Ken courting
Lori in the S searchers????
Claire 38 months ago
Not so good on the quiz
Still a great actor 🤓
No idea being John Fords son n law ????
Runeshaper 38 months ago
Did awful on this quiz, but I love Ken Curtis! Just watched him in an episode of In The Heat Of The Night :)
TheOnlyONE 38 months ago
12 out of 12. The only possible outcome.
Terrence 38 months ago
I guess I don't know Ken Curtis?😂
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