How well do you know Gene Roddenberry?

See how well you know the father of Star Trek!


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Gene Roddenberry's name has become synonymous with Star Trek. Along with creating one of the most popular sci-fi franchises of all time, Roddenberry lived an exciting life beyond his most famous series.

But how well do you know the late Gene Roddenberry? Take this quiz below and test your knowledge of the father of Star Trek.

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  1. In 1921, Roddenberry was born in...
  2. Gene Roddenberry was a Police officer for which city's department?
  3. Gene Roddenberry worked as a freelance writer. Which television program did he NOT write for?
  4. Which branch of the United States Military was the focus of the Gene Roddenberry created television show 'The Lieutenant'?
  5. Gene Roddenberry's most famous creation, Star Trek, premiered on the NBC Television Network in which year?
  6. What was the first television show that he ever wrote for?
  7. Gene shares a birthday with which 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' star?
  8. What pen name did Gene Roddenberry use when he first started out as a writer?
  9. What was the first show Roddenberry worked with Leonard Nimoy on?
  10. Gene Roddenberry served in the United States Army Air Corps, flying 89 combat missions during World War II. What type of aircraft did he pilot?

How well do you know Gene Roddenberry?

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WGH 31 months ago
My father was almost cast as a Klingon, but his uncle pissed off Desi Arnez. Reportedly called Desi a racist name. (They were neighbors)

Star Trek was produced by Desilu Studios.

He would've been in the background, one of the Klingons fighting in the tribbles episode.

So close to being a part of television history.
verch 32 months ago
i suck at Stsr Trek
FLETCH verch 32 months ago
Mac2Nite 32 months ago
8/10 Missing is the fact that he was a known philanderer [affairs with both Nichelle Nichols AND Majel Barrett, while still married to his wife] and possible rapist of Grace Lee Whitney [Yeoman Rand], whom he fired the day after the rape, before the series even premiered. Suddenly she just wasn't there anymore... no explanation. She wouldn't name him, but in her book she recounts that her rapist gave her a rock when she was in her make-up chair the next day, and Gene was known to be a serious rock collector.
FLETCH Mac2Nite 32 months ago
Surprised they didn't include any of these in this quiz. Maybe the next one.
StrayCat Mac2Nite 29 months ago
It seems only only her friend Lenard Nimoy knew the identity of the rapist, and he never told. But the only person at that time that could wield that much power over the cast members was Roddenberry.
Franster Mac2Nite 16 months ago
Thanks for pointing those things out. He was also a well known substance abuser. Not a very nice man. Excellent show though.
MarkSpeck 32 months ago
9 out of 10. Thought I blew it after missing the first question, but I rebounded well.
Oldielover 32 months ago
4/10....Considering I don't know squat about him,I'll take the 4 with pride!
TSeym22 32 months ago
6/10 Guessed on just about every one.
osimj 32 months ago
Well my logic that he wrote for leave it to Beaver since Majel was Lumpys mother in 1 episode backfired on me and added to the other 2 I got wrong 😎.
StrayCat 32 months ago
Roddenberry led a rather colorful or as some would say sordid lifestyle. I wouldn't expect any of these quiz questions to make mention of that. In any event, his creation "Star Trek" with all its sequels, movies, and iterations is proving to outlast Star Wars. And it's still going strong.
LightningEleven 32 months ago
6/10... and too many lucky guesses! Appreciate all of Mr. Roddenberry's work, the guy was a genius!
32 months ago
Welp … I don’t know Gene at all 3/10
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