Who appeared more often on The Carol Burnett Show?

Many celebrities appeared multiple times, but who stopped by the most?


The Carol Burnett Show is fondly remembered as much for its brilliant sketches as it is for the many famous faces who hammed it up alongside Carol. Sitcom stars, singers and even “serious” actors all stopped by the show — though some were just in the audience.

Here are some of our favorite guest stars. Can you guess who appeared in more episodes?

  1. Let's start with the main cast. Who was in more episodes, Harvey Korman or Vicki Lawrence?
  2. Who was in more episodes, Tim Conway or Lyle Waggoner?
  3. Which of these 'Andy Griffith Show' actors was in more episodes?
  4. Which of these comedy legends was in more episodes?
  5. Which of these frequent guests stopped by more often?
  6. Which of these singers was on the show more times?
  7. Sci-fi and horror fans know these faces well. Who appeared more on The Carol Burnett Show?
  8. Which of these funny women was on the show more often?
  9. Which of these two classic TV stars appeared more times?
  10. Which of these sitcom actors guest starred more?
  11. Do you know who appeared more often out of these two?
  12. They were all over Seventies variety TV, but who was on The Carol Burnett Show more times?
  13. Which of these movie stars appeared more times?
  14. One long career was decades in while the other was just beginning. Who was on the show more often?
  15. Which of these famous actresses hammed it up with Carol more often?

Who appeared more often on The Carol Burnett Show?

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mojomoonjo 26 months ago
The answer is....Carol Burnett! 😆😆😅😅🤣🤣🤣
CortneyNicole 33 months ago
9/15 I've been watching The Carol Burnett show but I have a little bit of a trouble with the answers that I really know some of these Legends.
Oldielover 33 months ago
8/15....Me missing the first TWO,I knew I was in trouble......I'm so ashamed.
purplerose60 33 months ago
Yikes! 5/15, and I really Carol Burnett, guess is better start watching more. One of the best shows ever!!
deano1 33 months ago
I never cared for the Carol Burnett Show so 11 out of 15 is fine by me. Most were guesses although I knew she and Jim Nabors were very close friends so some answers were educated guesses.
AnnieM 33 months ago
Usually I do pretty well on these quizzes, but not this time: only 5 out of 15! Ironically, I *loved* her show and watched it every Saturday night.
Wenatchee7 33 months ago
8/15 It took me half of the quiz to realize not to go with my first choice.
LoveMETV22 33 months ago
Loved Mr. Tudball and Mrs. Wiggins skits.
herminia 33 months ago
I like Carol Burnet Show it was a family Show not like the ones they have today
vinman63 33 months ago
Hardest part of the CBS was Harvey Korman trying not to laugh.
FLETCH 33 months ago
8 out of 15...not so great

I had a big crush on Vicki Lawrence back in the day
geatornez82 FLETCH 33 months ago
This show was before my time, and I only started getting into it in 2019 or so, and I think I've developed a crush on Harvey Korman!
Wendy57 33 months ago
Yuck phooey ! What a nauseatingly poor performance.
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