Can you fill in the right adjective for these Perry Mason cases?

Do you know what words describe the kiss, the toupee, the mermaid and more?


Creative case names were perfected by Sherlock Holmes and Nancy Drew but Perry Mason, both the series and the original books by Erle Stanley Gardner, take the cake for sheer creativity.

Most are troublesome tongue-twisters. Try saying the title of any Perry Mason episode five times fast and see what we mean!

We’ve taken the adjectives out of 15 case names. Can you guess what word is missing from each one?

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  1. What adjective describes the subject of Perry Mason's first episode?
  2. What word describes the fancy coat in this case?
  3. What describes the kiss in this case?
  4. The very last episode uses what fitting adjective?
  5. What number is missing from this episode title?
  6. Which character is mentioned in this case name?
  7. What word describes the sculptor in this case?
  8. What color is missing from this episode title?
  9. How is the mermaid described in this case?
  10. Can you fill in the missing word for this case?
  11. What kind of ghost is described in this case name?
  12. What number Frenchman is in this title?
  13. "Corpse" shows up in a few Perry Mason case names. Which adjective was NOT used for any of them?
  14. The hairpiece in this case is described as...
  15. What word is missing from this murder case about a briefcase?

Can you fill in the right adjective for these Perry Mason cases?

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seaeagle 15 months ago
15/15. Pretty tricky #13 - we see what you did there! ;-)
PulsarStargrave 22 months ago
10/!5 but I cry FOUL on one of em! I could have sworn there was an episode called "The Case of The Runaway Corpse" where someone faked his death but ended up having a breakfast of bacon and eggs in a moblie trailer only to be killed there in reality by a greedy partner in the would be hoax! I'll look it up, just in case-
Spiro 26 months ago
6/15. This quiz was titled...
The Case Of The _________ Quiz.

1. Confusing.
2. Contentious.
3. Cantankerous.

It's all three.

Every time I watch PM I get lost and confused. But at the end I can always tell who did it. Every time. It's uncanny!

Filmnoirfan 28 months ago
12/15 - have seen each of these episodes several times so a little disappointed with the score
Same here, but I admit I tend to skip episodes with sappy "Perry Playing Cupid" endings! The only romance that intrigues me is the dance Perry and Della do with each other, which is why I love the PM T.V. movies
Nala92129 30 months ago
I missed # 9, but got all the rest of them right. I LOVE Perry Mason!
Martanrick1975 32 months ago
6/15 I know Perry Mason was cleaver always got his man! But I just couldn’t wait for the conclusion. I’d get bored 😐
JERRY6 32 months ago
8 not bad as not a big perry mason fan
gockionni 32 months ago
3/15 - hey, this airs after my bedtime!
BeckyJeff 32 months ago
13/15 - the Fifty-Millionth Frenchman?
And the Murderous Mermaid? Not the Merry Mermaid?
I love The Perry Mason show! I hoped to get them all tight!
RichLorn 32 months ago
10/15, or...
The Case of the Apoplectic Answerer.
MarkSpeck 32 months ago
14 out of 15. Thought I knew 'em all. Missed the clock one.
Kelleesplace 32 months ago
I got 14 out of 15!!! Well really I got all 15 right because there is an error on #13. Its Runaway Corpse nit Creepy Corpse.

Chandler from FRIENDS
seaeagle Kelleesplace 15 months ago
#13 is tricky. Reread the clue . . . .
Uncletee58 32 months ago
Wow....are those real Perry Mason cases? I watch all the time....evidently I don't pay attention like I thought I did.
Jaxter14 32 months ago
Is typecast T or F? The actors who portrayed iconic tv characters such as Perry Mason, Andy Taylor, Archie Bunker & Jed Clampet all went on to another successful long-running tv series. Remember their series?
TSeym22 32 months ago
10/15 Not bad but thought I'd do better considering how much I've watched it.
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