How popular are your opinions on 'The Brady Bunch'?

Everyone has a favorite child.

Although it wasn't a major success right off the bat, The Brady Bunch developed a loyal following after its original run thanks to syndication. 

That being said, there are some pretty strong opinions when it comes to the beloved sitcom. Find out how yours stack up against other fans with this quiz. You might be surprised!

  1. Who is your favorite Brady kid?
  2. Do you think Sam the Butcher has cold feet?
  3. Which Brady kid has the most important plot lines?
  4. Who is the better at disciplining the kids?
  5. Who would you have wanted to be friends with as a child?
  6. Who is more affectionate with the kids?
  7. What's the most absurd plot line?
  8. Who is your least favorite child?
  9. Did you watch any of the reboots or revivals?
  10. Who's your favorite minor character?
  11. Were you freaked out by the Hawaiian episodes?
  12. Are you more of a Marcia or Jan?
How popular are your opinions on 'The Brady Bunch'?

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