Ed Sullivan Motown Review

Ain't Too Proud to Beg (for Answers)

Is there a mountain high enough, a valley low enough, or maybe a river wide enough to keep you from getting the correct answer?

We think this quiz is ABC, easy as 123, simple as Do-Re-Mi. But will you agree? Can you master the Motown review? Or will you get left behind in the dust? We'll show you some images from Ed Sullivan's Rock 'n' Roll Classics; you tell us who we're looking at! 

  1. Who is this? (Hint: they're missing a member here)
  2. Name The Supremes, performing here in '66, from left to right.
  3. Which Jackson played bass?
  4. Who is this Jackson, playing a red guitar?
  5. Which Jackson is seen here wearing an orange ascot?
  6. Which Jackson is second from left?
  7. Who is this?
  8. Which Temptation is this?

Ed Sullivan Motown Review

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Ratt1959 26 days ago
3/8 Loved the music, but never saw many performers until The Midnight Special, and the other Concert shows in the 70s.
trogg888 26 days ago
Tanked the quiz but i once opened for mary wilson at a t a casino.nice lady
Ready2go 26 days ago
2/8. Didn't know Jackson kids.
Wendy57 26 days ago
Pretty lousy score, although I’m a big fan of Motown music.
IndianaRockz 27 days ago
0/8 Yay, my 1st ZERO!
Actually thought #7 was a trick cuz I remembered THIS talented & groovy dresser as Paul Williams & as a guest star on The Brady Bunch:
daDoctah IndianaRockz 26 days ago
And I just recently learned that *this* Paul Williams' brother wrote the song "Drift Away" that was a hit for Dobie Gray.
trogg888 IndianaRockz 26 days ago
He was al so wrote a lot of hit songs for other people
IndianaRockz daDoctah 26 days ago
Oh wow, that's great fact to learn! I luv that song & had it as a ringtone on my phone for a while. Paul Williams also wrote The Love Boat theme among a ton of other famous songs. That's one talented family!
justjeff 27 days ago
4/8... I thought there'd be more R&B artists. On a scale of one thru 10, with ten being highest.... this quiz is minus 4,386!
KJExpress 27 days ago
4/8. Should have been 5/8, but I jumped the gun on the bass question. 🎸
Maverick66 27 days ago
4/8. That's 50% on the first two quizzes I've attempted today. Ugh.
Big3Fan 27 days ago
Five. Numbers five, six and seven knocked me off of cloud nine. I remember Paul Williams as a diminutive white dude.
texasluva 27 days ago
5 out of 8. That's all Jackson-
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