Name these deep cut acts on Ed Sullivan's Rock n Roll Classics

Show off what you know about music history!

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Everybody saw The Beatles on Ed Sullivan. Elvis Presley changed the course of history when he was on the show. There are tons of iconic performances that only could have happened on Ed Sullivan.

But how well do you remember the rest of the show's acts? Surely those classics aren't the only ones you've seen! 

Let's take a look back at some of Ed Sullivan's Rock n Roll Classics' most overlooked and underrated performances with this handy quiz. Tell us what you think, and share your score in the comments section below!

  1. What band is pictured here performing "Groovin'" in 1967?
  2. Which band's singer is shown here, singing "Happy Together?"
  3. "Sunday Will Never Be the Same," at least according to this band:
  4. Can you name this band, seen here singing "Stoned Soul Picnic?"
  5. "Good Morning Starshine" gets the star treatment from which of these singers?
  6. Who is this band? We'd tell you the song, but that would give it away!
  7. Can you name this influential musical act?
  8. What're these guys called?
  9. If you don't recognize their faces, you'll definitely recognize their song "Down on the Corner."
  10. The song is called "Daydream." What's the band called?

Name these deep cut acts on Ed Sullivan's Rock n Roll Classics

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