Does your memory suffer from the Mandela Effect?

Wait… was it the Berenstain Bears or the Berenstein Bears?

 The Everett Collection

Even if you have never heard of the term "the Mandela Effect," you have probably had an argument about it. It's when false memories are shared by large groups of people. For example, do you remember the Fruit of the Loom logo having a cornucopia in it? Because we honestly did. But guess what — the Fruit of the Loom underwear brand has never featured a cornucopia in its logo! Crazy! A similar argument occurs over Cheez-It crackers versus Cheez-Itz. (It's CHEEZ-IT.)

Regardless of what you remember, only one of these options is right! See if you can remember the correct answer!

Don't worry, some of them boggled our minds, too!

  1. Is it The Flintstones or the Flinstones?
  2. Are they Looney Toons cartoons or Looney Tunes cartoons?
  3. "My bologna has a first name, it's O-S-C-A-R…" but what is the last name?
  4. Is the cereal called Froot Loops or Fruit Loops?
  5. Now for the classic example: Were they the Berenstain Bears or the Berenstein Bears?
  6. Did Curious George have a tail?
     Image: The Everett Collection
  7. Did the Monopoly Man wear a monocle?
     Image: AP Photo / Rick Bowmer
  8. Does the Kit-Kat bar have a hyphen in it — or is it just the Kit Kat bar?
  9. How does the opening line of the theme song to 'Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood' go…?
  10. Is the peanut butter brand called Jiffy or Jif?

Does your memory suffer from the Mandela Effect?

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Adamtwelvia 1 month ago
7 out pf 10. Geez, I thought I'd do better!
Scangus 16 months ago
0 out of 10. Yep, I always thought Nelson Mandela was a white guy.
EmBee 45 months ago
there is, however, Jiffy Pop popcorn.
Nointernet 46 months ago
Thanks so much for this app!
RetroReno 46 months ago
5/10...monocle, froot, hyphen, mr. Roger's and Mayer.
Nointernet RetroReno 46 months ago
What’s the deal with the Mr. Rogers they were the same options???
Soulbrotha Nointernet 46 months ago
Lol it actually had (the or this neighborhood)
CaptainDunsel 46 months ago
As they say, the memory is the second thing to go. (I forget what the first was.)
idkwut2use 46 months ago
8/10 because I momentarily forgot which letter is on my Hot Wheels Wienermobile, and idiotically clicked too quickly on the Mr. Rogers one without really thinking. I even watched the whole danged Twitch marathon of the show! xD Rest were easy-peasey and well-known to me.
Also, omg, how are people not familiar with the Berenstain Bears?! I'm obsessed to this very day!! All the books (and the podcast covering them), the two cartoon series and specials (look 'em up on YouTube, they have an official channel)...oh, I've loved them so much since forever. And yes, their name has always been Berenstain. XD Easy mistake to make given that "stein" is such a common surname suffix. If you were a great deal less obsessed than I you could've easily assumed that was how it was spelled.
...but who came up with "Flinstones?" xD
CaptainDunsel idkwut2use 46 months ago
I'm pretty familiar - and still got it wrong!
idkwut2use CaptainDunsel 46 months ago
XD *Loooool*
cripplious idkwut2use 8 months ago
when speaking some people say Flintstone with a very soft tee or non at all.
mememememe66 46 months ago
The Monopoly Man is wearing a Monacle.
Zoom in.
Tim mememememe66 46 months ago
Rich Uncle Pennybags does not have a monocle. MeTV staff put it there to throw us off.
Wiseguy 46 months ago
Idiots will always argue about things they know nothing about...then refuse to believe they could possibly be wrong about anything so they continue to argue.
Nointernet Wiseguy 46 months ago
We are not idiots Mr. (the idiot that is assuming you are a man) Wiseguy
EllisClevenger Wiseguy 44 months ago
Oh, so that's the reason you're arguing.
Thank you for letting we, the idiots, know.
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