Can you guess what classic show young Kurt Russell is on?

He first appeared on TV in 1962!


Kurt Russell has had the career longevity that most actors can only dream of. He started acting professionally in the early 1960s, appearing in small parts on TV. He soon won guest-starring roles and by the 1980s was a full-blown action hero.

Have you ever spotted Russell in any classic television shows? Now is your chance! Try to guess which show he's on in these images.

  1. Here is Russell in his first TV role on which show?
  2. Russell played "Jungle Boy" on which 1960s sitcom?
  3. Here is Russell in...
  4. Here is Russell in which science fiction show?
  5. Here is Russell in which TV special?
  6. Which western is Russell in here?
  7. What about here?
  8. Russell played the title role in a TV biopic called...
  9. Speaking of title roles, Russell played the lead in which short-lived 1960s Western?
  10. What show is Russell on here?
  11. Here is Russell in...
  12. Russell played a young officer in...

Can you guess what classic show young Kurt Russell is on?

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srrainwater 44 months ago
12/12. Better than 8/12. But I won’t be “curt” about it
srstein 44 months ago
8/12. Let see if my husband can do any better!
srrainwater srstein 44 months ago
Looks like you were a little “rusty”
MaryHelen 44 months ago
yeah ok so i got 6/12--but i know and this missed t his role as Lt gerard's son on the fugitive-- major role there!
booster 44 months ago
8/12 Russell also played Lt. Gerard's son in "The Fugitive".
MaryHelen booster 44 months ago
yep recent rerun episode
jimmyvici 44 months ago
Didn’t take the quiz. Just wanted to say that Kurt Russell is one the greatest actors of all time. I absolutely love his movies. ❤️
missshirleyj52 jimmyvici 44 months ago
Always had the bluest eyes!
crvierra 44 months ago
Last of these I'll ever do because of the intrusive ads...
dictracy crvierra 44 months ago
What ads?
MaryHelen dictracy 44 months ago
in between the questions!!
DavidBartholomew 44 months ago

Number 10, look at the girls in the background

#5..he was the host of the show, EJ Peaker and The Osmonds. It introduced The Haunted Mansion!
First of all, I know you meant to say 11 and not 10! Bonus Question:What movie was being plugged in 5 and what future "partner" of Russell made her film debut in it?
"...Family Band."
I understand you choosing not to write out the whole title, but for the rest of you it is [DEEP BREATH] The One And Only Genuine Original Family Band! And yes, Goldie's in it!
JERRY6 44 months ago
e a fail , never seen him on those showa
kevopilis 44 months ago
9/12, a lot of good guesses.
Runeshaper 44 months ago
You got 8 out of 12 - let me tell you something, MeTV, 8/12 is pretty good considering I only really knew his 80s roles and onward LOL :)
F5Twitster 44 months ago
It's "The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters," with an "s" at the end.
UTZAAKE F5Twitster 44 months ago
10/12. 7 & 11.
9. The last thing ABC showed before commencing its JFK assassination coverage was a ten-second network promo for The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters featuring Dan O'Herlihy who played the title character's father. Guns of Diablo, the expanded color version of the series' final episode, aired on TCM just a few months ago.
cperrynaples UTZAAKE 44 months ago
I knew about the promo on 11/22/63, but didn't mention it because it was too morbid! it was preceded by an audio promo for The Farmer's Daughter with William Windom! Here's a quick quiz: The broadcast was a rerun of what classic '50's sitcom? Hint: This show runs on Antenna TV!
cperrynaples cperrynaples 44 months ago
Ok, it was Father Knows Best!
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