Do you remember who sang the biggest hits of 1970?

"Thank You (Faplayyin Are Quiz Agin)"

The radio today sounds much different than it did 50 years ago. (Unless you're listening to MeTVFM, of course.) But there was still a striking variety at the top of the charts in 1970.

Gentle folk tunes, funky soul, boogying rock, comedic country — there was something for everybody.

Below, you will find a dozen of the biggest singles from 1970. All of them placed in Billboard's Top 20 songs of the year. They may have been massive hits, but it takes a true music guru to get 8/12 correct on this quiz.

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  1. This duo scored the No. 1 song of the year with "Bridge Over Troubled Water."
  2. This British band had the No. 9 song of the year with "Let It Be."
  3. The funky number "Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)" went to No. 1 in February and ended up the No. 19 song of 1970.
  4. This act crafted the biggest rock song of the year in "American Woman," the No. 3 song overall in 1970.
  5. She belted out "Ain't No Mountain High Enough," the No. 6 song of 1970.
  6. People ate up "Make It With You," the No. 13 song of 1970, recorded by this band.
  7. This astronomical band recorded "Get Ready," the No. 8 song of 1970.
  8. He sang "War" (and asked "What is it good for?") the No. 5 song of 1970.
  9. He sang "Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head," the No. 4 song of 1970.
  10. "Everything Is Beautiful" was sang by this comedic singer. Billboard ranked it the No. 12 song of 1970.
  11. "Hitchin' a Ride," the No. 14 song of 1970, was recorded by a band that shared a name with a classic 19th-century novel.
  12. She sang "Band of Gold," the No. 10 song of 1970.

Do you remember who sang the biggest hits of 1970?

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Mike 1 day ago
11 of 12, but missed 'Get Ready' on a mouse fart. :(
MrBill 2 days ago
10/12; missed #7 and #11 - never heard of those songs.
Sally 3 days ago
Got 11 out of 12...not too bad.
bnichols23 3 days ago
Either I'm way too old with no life BITD or this was way too easy. -laugh-
StevenSpiff 3 days ago
What a great year for music!
Can we bring it back?
DK 3 days ago
12/12. A lot of great memories.
AlF 3 days ago
Freda Payne? That explains what I'm feelin' on my backside...
screen200053 3 days ago
12/12 - Those were all great songs - but my favorite song from the 70's is "Don't Pull your Love"
Hamilton, Joe Frank, & Reynolds. What does I win? }:)
moax429 3 days ago
Another song from that period I liked - which was a heartbeat shy of making it into the Billboard Top 40 Pop chart - is Ray Charles' "If You Were Mine." I remember CKLW in Windsor/Detroit played it often. (Nationally, "If You Were Mine" peaked at #41 in January 1971.)
Utzaake 3 days ago
"You got 12 out of 12. Which song from 1970 is your favorite?"
Lacey 3 days ago
9/12 I am embarrassed to say. I know the songs I just don't always know the artist.
ETristanBooth Lacey 3 days ago
9/12. Same here. I knew 7 for sure and guessed on the other two.
Rita 4 days ago
I got all of them correct. Was very easy quiz.
moax429 Rita 3 days ago
And in 1970 I was only 8 years old, but I *still* remember these hits!

But then, I was living in Warren, Michigan, had an AM transistor radio and it was always tuned to CKLW, "The Big 8" in Windsor, Ontario/Detroit....
Dale 4 days ago
"You got 11 out of 12." The '70s were/are my favorite "classic rock" decade. The only one I missed was # 8..."War". I remember the song (and the Seinfeld episode mentioning it), just not the artist.
Dale Dale 4 days ago
Probably ONE of my favorite songs of the '70s was "Lyin Eyes" by the Eagles, one of my favorite groups of all time and I loved singing harmonies to their (and others) songs.
KeithARies 4 days ago
l missed WAR by Edwin Starr. is that Ringo's brother? Ha Ha! (I know... that's not even his real last name, or his first name for that matter)
harlow1313 KeithARies 4 days ago
Actually, Richard Starkey and Edward Starkey are brothers.

(Of course, I have been know to lie...)
bnichols23 KeithARies 3 days ago
UNH, Goodgaaddd. What is it good for?! Absolutely. Nothin'.
daDoctah 4 days ago
Little-known early '70s trivia: "American Woman" by the Guess Who was the first #1 by a Canadian act in a touch over ten years (ten years and three weeks after Percy Faith's "Theme from A Summer Place" left the number one spot).

With one exception.

One other song by a Canadian artist managed to get in at #1 for a single week in 1964. And it's someone you can see regularly on MeTV. Can you identify this Canadian?

(Also, "Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)" was the first song with a deliberately misspelled title to reach #1, but a song the previous year by the Guess Who was the first misspelled song to get into the top forty. "Undun" got as high as #15.)
moax429 daDoctah 3 days ago
Lorne Greene with "Ringo."

And, like the Guess Who, Greene recorded for RCA Records (now owned by Sony).
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