Can you recognize these celebrity guest stars on The Waltons?

Who are these stars with John-Boy and Jim-Bob?


There sure were a lot of mouths to feed on Waltons mountain. But that did not mean visitors were unwelcome!

The Waltons welcome all sorts of folk into their home over the years. Many of them you will recognize from other classic TV shows!

We've gathered some famous faces from 1960s, 1970s and 1980s television… movies, too. See if you can recognize them and answer the trivia!

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  1. He was "Seth Turner" on Waltons mountain, but you know his best as…?
  2. This young man in uniform is best know for serving in Starfleet. What is his Star Trek character?
  3. You know her as the star of which classic Stephen King film?
  4. She is known for playing a daughter on 1970s TV. Which one?
  5. Pick a character this actor did NOT play on television.
  6. This military man is best known for which 1960s sitcom?
  7. He played a beloved sitcom dad on which sitcom?
  8. Recognize this country music icon relaxing in a robe?
  9. He later became an '80s TV star on this acclaimed drama.
  10. Years later, she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in…?

Can you recognize these celebrity guest stars on The Waltons?

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susanlee 33 months ago
Where’s the story about Ellen Corby adopting Jason as her grandson?
susanlee 33 months ago
How about Nicki from the Young and the Restless. She was on as Bens girlfriend in at least two episodes. Also spotted Jason as a schoolboy on Adam 12. Corbin Bernsen is also the real life son of Young and The Restless’ Catherine Chancellr
LH 36 months ago
8/10 but I guessed at several. Don’t know country music stars so I missed #8
DerekBird 37 months ago
You got 8 out of 10
Smoothly done!

The Hateful 8?????? Never heard of it?
Missed #8 - I hate Country music that old.
wyo307pink 42 months ago
9/10 I did hit the wrong button on the mistaken one, but . . .
Dj528 46 months ago
Left out Todd Bridges from Diff'rent Strokes, he played Josh Foster on the Waltons, and he played Solomon Henry on Little House on the Prairie.
susanlee 47 months ago
You missed my favorite. Ben’s girlfriend in a couple of episodes. She became Nicki Newman on tTge Young and the Restless. She was so young but easily recognizable. I think a 40 year run on a current daytime drama should qualify as a famous star.
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