Do you really know One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest?

If he's crazy, what does that make you?


1975's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest is one of the most beloved adaptations in film history. It's one of three movies to win every major category at the Academy Awards. It won Best Picture, Best Screenplay, Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Actress.

The book's great too! Do you have a preference, one over the other? How well do you recall the details of the story? Do you have what it takes to nail this quiz and escape from the clutches of the evil Nurse Ratched? Find out and share your score in the comments section below!

  1. Who directed the movie?
  2. Who wrote the novel?
  3. Brad Dourif plays a young man with a stutter. What is the character's name?
  4. Which actress won an Academy Award for her portrayal of Nurse Ratched?
  5. In which state does the story take place?
  6. Who plays Martini?
  7. Which actor originally purchased the film rights to One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest?
  8. What's the job of Scatman Crothers' character Turkle?
  9. When Billy stands up for himself, who does Ratched mention to make him back down?
  10. What is Nurse Ratched's first name?

Do you really know One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest?

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SteveMcnary 9 months ago
9/10-Only missed the Oregon question.
Michaeljscheibn 9 months ago
10/10 Me and Jack -fuggetaboutit. particularly this one.
Sweetcheex55 9 months ago
Well I completely bombed out on that! Just want to say how much I love MeTv
LibraBaby0921 9 months ago
Ten out of ten; I surprised myself.
BorisK 10 months ago
9/10 only because I don't care about the difference between Washington and Oregon.
Tresix 10 months ago
10/10. I’ve seen the movie AND read the novel. However, I thought “Dog Day Afternoon” should have won Best Picture that year.
BorisK Tresix 10 months ago
Dog Day was good but overdone. This was the better film IMHO.
WGH BorisK 9 months ago
2 of my favorite movies. But Dog Day Afternoon could never win Best Picture because of the transgender/gay relationship subplot.
Robertp 10 months ago
4/10 but I was only there a few days.
Bapa1 10 months ago
9/10, forgot about Scatman. Read the book in High-School, 1974, and saw the movie the next year. The book, compared to the movie, is a little weird.
texasluva 10 months ago
8 out of 10 and guessing on half of them. Have the movie but not watched for some years.
harlow1313 10 months ago
I am concerned about some of the scores reported below..

I had thought "Cuckoo's Nest," along with "Cool Hand Luke," were required viewing for all males born in the U.S.A. I am concerned.
madvincent harlow1313 10 months ago
ya until they do a remake and ruin everything..........
harlow1313 madvincent 10 months ago
Geez, I hope they never remake "To Kill a Mockingbird." Like my two mentioned films, there is nothing to improve on. Nothing need be reinterpreted.
KJExpress harlow1313 10 months ago
I agree about TKAM. One of my favorite books AND movies.
BorisK harlow1313 10 months ago
Like Little Women is required viewing for all females born in the U.S.A., right?
ironman2000 10 months ago
10 for 10, I was cruising through all the questions, but took a guess on the last one and got it. I'm horrible with guessing, but I got that one.
AllisonWunderland 10 months ago
Honestly, I have no clue 🤭
😳 I just now ran across this movie on TV…how about that for timing 💁‍♀️
I saw it on it's run at the old Marina Towers theaters in Chicago when I 15 and I never forgot it. Great film, Jack was the best.
Yes! Jack is awesome 👍
MikefromJersey 10 months ago
"You got 8 out of 10. Freedom! You threw a hydrotherapy machine through the window and made your escape!"

I haven't see this flick since it first came out so missing 2 ain't bad. But how do you have a
quiz about it without mentioning Jack Nicholson - who twice showed up in Mayberry -
even once?
I think Jack must have health issues, when older stars suddenly stop making movies and are
never even mentioned as attending Hollywood events, that isn't a good sign.
Haven't seen or read of Robert Wagner or Tina Louise either.
On the other hand William Shatner became the oldest person ever in space via the Blue Origin
space shuttle in Oct. 2021. He is one tough Canuck, probably be guesting on some Star Trek
spin off when he is 100.
A couple of months ago I saw a pic of Jack at a basketball game with his son Raymond. I think he got kind of big.
texasluva MikefromJersey 10 months ago
Jack Nicholson is 86, Tina Louise is 89 and William Shatner 92. I see Jack from time to time at a Laker game (Hate the Lakers). Shatner is very active. Jack has appeared to have retired from acting. Last movie I saw of his was 2006 (The Departed). Tina Louise has not done much in the past 23 years 5-6 appearances in movies or TV shows. We can all say we enjoyed these actors for their time in cinema.

MikefromJersey texasluva 10 months ago
Thanks for the info. As for Tina Louise, the best thing she ever did was in "God's Little
Acre", a ribald drama/comedy based on the infamous book which every horny teen
(and Ensign Pulver in "Mister Roberts") read under the sheets back in the 40's/50's.
Great cast in a underrated classic because it was severely censored on it's release but
the footage has now been restored. Michael Landon plays an albino, Buddy Hackett
and Vic Morrow also appear, Aldo Ray's career highlight as well.
Very catchy theme music, you will be humming it.
Great flick to watch on a friday night, while eating popcorn and drinking black cows (root
beer with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, yum).
texasluva MikefromJersey 10 months ago
I have not seen that one. I did however just watched a month ago. A Day of The Outlaw with Robert Ryan, Burl Ives and Tina Louise just a year later (1959) I have Mister Roberts (a great movie). I will search for God's Little Acre. I have it on file but not watched. I just found it Here it is below for you or whomever wishes. Not sure if it's been cut or censored. Just copy/paste into your browser . You may have to click the arrow and also icon for larger screen.
Robert Ryan---Tina Louise---Aldo Ray---Vic Morrow
Buddy Hackett---Jack Lord---
texasluva MikefromJersey 10 months ago
Reading this in trivia. More below.
A 1967 re-release attempted to appeal to the new generation by playing up the sex in the advertisements. The '67 poster featured the drawing of a topless woman underneath a bare-chested man on a bed, as well as a topless (but chaste) photo of co-star Fay Spain that was definitely not in the picture itself! For this re-release, Tina Louise was given top-billing and Michael Landon went from tenth billing in 1958 to second billing this time.
MikefromJersey texasluva 10 months ago
I didn't realize till you mentioned Day of The Outlaw that Robert Ryan and Tina Louise
were in both. Good point about the posters for re-releases and Hollywood playing silly buggers
with the billing depending on what star was hot at the moment, though not in the movie
prints themselves, though that did occur but very rarely because of the expense.
It's fun to see a young Jack Lord as Tina Louise's tortured hubby in God's Little Acre.
And Buddy Hackett with his thick Jersey accent trying to sound like a good old boy
from the Georgia Outback was fun.
Thank you again for that interesting info about the 1967 poster. You know your stuff,
I enjoy reading your posts.
CaptainDunsel 10 months ago
#4 is the only one on which I have even a clue, and that's only because of "Star Trek: Deeps Space Nine".
cperrynaples CaptainDunsel 10 months ago
Yes, you'd be surprized how many people thought it was Ellen Burstyn and not Louise Fletcher [RIP}! Loved her in everything even Exorcist 2...LOL! Fun Fact: She gave her Oscar acceptance speech in sign language because she was raised by deaf parents! And no I haven't seen Ratched on Netflix but plan to! Love Sarah Paulson too!
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