Do you know which band member sings these Monkees songs?

You once thought of who as a white knight on a steed?

For fans of The Monkees, watching the band perform hit songs on the show every Sunday only makes the 1960s hits that much more memorable. But it can also be the perfect way to figure out just which member of the Monkees is providing lead vocals on your favorite tracks.

That brings us to today's quiz: Can you figure out which cast member from The Monkees is singing on some of the show's biggest and earliest hit songs?

Keep in mind that Micky Dolenz does most of the lead vocals on the band's biggest songs, but if you've got an ear for Davy or Mike's accents or a memory for the few songs Peter took the lead on, this quiz was made for a Monkees fan like you. Good luck!

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  1. Which member of The Monkees sang: (Theme From) The Monkees
  2. Which member of The Monkees sang: Daydream Believer
  3. Which member of The Monkees sang: "I'm a Believer"
  4. Which member of The Monkees sang: Pleasant Valley Sunday
  5. Which member of The Monkees sang: I Wanna Be Free
  6. Which member of The Monkees sang: Listen to the Band
  7. Which member of The Monkees sang: Your Auntie Grizelda
  8. Which member of The Monkees sang: (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone
  9. Which member of The Monkees sang: Valleri
  10. Last one's tough. Which members of The Monkees performed the duet: Words

Do you know which band member sings these Monkees songs?

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coreycocoa 6 months ago
Too easy. 10 out of 10 for a huge monkees fan
CarrieMcCourt 9 months ago
9/10 Missed the last. Just could not remember.
Geronimo 9 months ago
Should have did better considering I'm an avid fan.................8/10
Rick 9 months ago
A few nights ago, live, I heard Micky sing the lead on "Daydream Believer," so there.
cperrynaples Rick 9 months ago
Well since Davy's dead, someone else has to sing it! I saw Davy sing it IN PERSON!!!
I don't know why your response was as humorous to me as it was, {perhaps it's because Rick just couldn't resist adding "So there!"} I just imagine Rick applying his same Einstein Logic if he had heard either Mike or Micky sing lead on "For Pete's Sake." "So there!" Sometimes folks just don't think before they type and they wind up putting their foot in their mouths. I have been guilty of this myself, as I know a number of folks out there have as well. Thap happens sometimes, but it doesn't make it any less humorous!
Like you, cperrynaples, I have also heard "Daydream Believer" sung live, by the gentleman who made it famous: DAVID THOMAS JONES. "So there!" {If Rick wants to hear David sing DB "live" again, he should think about conducting a seance.}
It should read "that happens," not "thap." OOOPS!
I've also seen Davy Jones live in concert, he sings the Monkee's songs that he sang, the ones Micky sang, he also did a medley from 'Oliver' and The theme from 'The Brady Bunch'.
cperrynaples Barry22 9 months ago
Fun Fact: Davy played the Artful Dodger on Broadway and he even sang on Ed Sullivan the same night the Beatles first appeared!
Kenson 9 months ago
10/10. Not afraid to say I'm a big Monkee fan and love their music.
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Jann Wenner of Rolling Stone and the R&RHOF holds a grudge against them that dates back to about 1965. Yes it has to do with the fact that studio musicians played on the first two albums and that's more on Don Kirschner than the band itself and the boys had Kirschner fired over it.
It seems when recording for the first album, Nesmith and Tork had been working on their guitar parts, went into the studio and were told all you have to do is sing. The Wrecking Crew and Candy Store Prophets had already laid down the tracks. Needless to say, both were pretty upset by it.
Knowing they were going to have to go out on the road, they taught Mickey basic drums 101. Davy also had to fill in on drums on a few occasions. They eventually made a band of it. (Both in studio and on tour, Kirschner's replacement, Chip Douglass of the Turtles would fill in on bass.)
Kenson thedude1500 9 months ago
After all the info that has come out on the successful use of the wrecking crew by many it's amazing that not playing the instruments is still held against the Minkees.
Kenson thedude1500 9 months ago
Ah....Monkees. I sounded like Peter Sellers there.
cperrynaples Kenson 8 months ago
I assume you mean Clouseau! Steve Martin so wrong for that character!
Barry22 9 months ago
10/10. Love the Monkees. On one of their many collections, there is a version of 'I Wanna Be Free' sung by Micky done in a faster tempo. Probably a demo.
DouglasHolste Barry22 9 months ago
That version of IWTBF I believe was in the pilot. Shot in black and white.
cperrynaples 9 months ago
just to confirm, both the photo and the "white Knight" are "Daydream Believer", right?
What photo are you talking about? I stupidly scrolled through the photos of this quiz and realized they are the same one! {I had another of many Homer Simpson moments! DOH!} Where did you see the photo you are talking about? Thanks!
The photo is the same, and I believe that's the final chorus with all of them! Cheer up, sleepy Steph...LOL!!
JDnHuntsvilleAL 9 months ago
10 out of 10. I had to go to Youtube to listen to a few of these that I apparently missed putting into my collection.
leebillyold 9 months ago
Hard quiz, 4/10, need to show actual face who's singing.
cperrynaples leebillyold 9 months ago
They can't do that here, only way to cheat is to look up the videos on You Tube!
babyboomer56 9 months ago
Micky Dolenz sang the lead on I Wanna Be Free, not Davy Jones.
Wrong! They both did. I think you're thinking of the version that was shown on one of the episodes, where it was Micky who sang lead. On the album it was Davy. Whenever they performed I Wanna Be Free on tour, {not just the 60's, but beyond as well;} it was Davy who sang lead.
ChrisLanni 9 months ago
You guys had a part of your "The Monkees- Who Sang These Songs" quiz, incorrect. The one who sang Auntie Grizelda was Micky Dolenz.
ETristanBooth ChrisLanni 9 months ago
The credit on the album lists Peter Tork as lead vocals.
That's correct. Lets give credit to Peter for a few songs he wrote/ sang. He was the Monkees Ringo, he didn't sing lead/compose very many songs, but he did contribute.
Actually, I consider Peter the George, Mike the John, Davy the Paul, and Micky the Ringo!
JeffTanner 9 months ago
You got 10 out of 10 ----------You made the local rock group down the street so proud!
Dr_Zachary_Smith 9 months ago
Watch the video! Mike is "playing" his guitar with his tie covering the strings!!
Greg Dr_Zachary_Smith 9 months ago
Shooting a video then adding the sound track is very common
cperrynaples Greg 9 months ago
Yea, and we knew they were faking it until they were making it...LOL!
CaroleThorpe 9 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
You made the local rock group down the street so proud!
cperrynaples 9 months ago
8/10! Technically, wasn't 1 all 4? Bonus Question: Who was lead on Circle Sky? I would prefer that someone other than a certain megafan answer this one!
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Speaking of BB: have you or has anybody out there, been watching the rebuilding of the "humble Brady abode" on either HGTV or You Tube? If anyone had any notions that anyone of them wouldn't want to get their hands dirty...think again. It looks like they're having fun! Not only that, but it can be very therapeutic swinging a sledgehammer, pushing on a jackhammer! I went and scrolled through the photos of the house {pre demo.;} I didn't find one {well, there were a couple of things:the lantern shaped chandelier, the stones around the fireplace, plus a few other things.} I liked. The majority of the house was ugly! I'm glad I didn't have to live in it. Comparing the way this house looked to the Brady Pad, I prefer the BP! I can imagine how weird it must of felt for the Brady "Kids" to walk in the house and know that to the right as you walk in is the closet, to the left, the dining room, straight ahead is the kitchen, etc.
Stephanie, I wrote that quiz for you, I'm glad you took it! Of course you're referring to song 4, inspired by a move from New York to New Jersey!
cperrynaples cperrynaples 9 months ago
PS Haven't seen HGTV, but it's not a surprise the real house isn't like the Brady House, those were soundstages at Paramount Studios!
cperrynaples cperrynaples 9 months ago
PSS Any idea where our posts are going? They should only be deleted for 2 reasons: obscenity or spam!!Does MeTV think we're selling scams....LOL!!!
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