Can you name these Sixties sitcoms with one image from the closing credits?

A true TV fan stays tuned until the very end.

The Sixties gave us dozens of delightful sitcoms. We believe you remember a good deal of them — more than you might think. 

We snatched a single image from the closing credits of 21 hit sitcoms of the 1960s. Just one frame should trigger your memory. See how many you can identify!
  1. Let's start with our title image. Recognize this blue screen?
  2. Do these faces ring a bell?
    Image: MGM Television
  3. See if you can figure this one out.
    Image: Sony Pictures Television
  4. Reflect on this image for a moment.
  5. Give yourself a hand if you recognize this.
  6. Who dwelled in these barracks?
  7. See if this registers on your radar.
    Image: Telepictures
  8. Take this one in stride.
  9. Do not adjust your screen — he was upside down.
  10. Keep your Lucy's straight.
  11. Ring a bell?
  12. Try to field this one.
  13. The name might not seem familiar, but perhaps the yard is.
    Image: Filmways
  14. Kicking back on the sand.
    Image: Sony Pictures Television
  15. Franco-American for an All-American family.
  16. Who's behind "Bobo"?
    Image: Metromedia / CBS Television Distribution
  17. This one was a real gem.
  18. Who's that silhouette?
    Image: MGM Television
  19. Try not to get fenced in on this one.
    Image: Warner Bros.
  20. Now things get real hard.
    Image: United Artists
  21. Finally, this sitcom ran for six seasons.
    Image: SFM Entertainment
Can you name these Sixties sitcoms with one image from the closing credits?

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SheriHeffner 2 months ago
21 out of 21. And PLEASE say that Gidget will be coming to MeTV!
JeffTanner 2 months ago
You got 21 out of 21 -------Well done! You could do this with one eye closed!
thedude1500 2 months ago
Most were cupcake. A few gave it away (the Donna Reed slide has the cast members).
EllisClevenger 2 months ago
You got 21 out of 21
Well done! You could do this with one eye closed!
Wow. I thought I was too poor to pay attention.
I guess I do have some cents.
Allison 2 months ago
19/21 I didnt know if it was the Lucy Show or Here's Lucy picked the wrong one and I didnt know the That Girl one. I wouldn't have known the Donna Reed one but the cast was listed?!
Geronimo 2 months ago
Well done...............21/21
Lacey 2 months ago
Darn, missed the Franco-American one.
Had to take a guess though I knew all the others instantly.
I watched WAY too much TV in my youth.
SheriHeffner Lacey 2 months ago
They usually had a picture of Donna there. I guess for the syndication instead of the photo of what the programs were brought to you by.
Gregory 2 months ago
16 out of 21. Well, they started out easy enough.
Bobbo Gregory 2 months ago
Same here!
booster 2 months ago
20/21 confused Lucy Show and Here's Lucy.
Lacey booster 2 months ago
Those are always the hardest for me.
pw booster 2 months ago
Same here. Wasn't really a fan of either of the later shows.
cperrynaples pw 2 months ago
Here's why you were confused: the Lucy characture was created for TLS but reused on HL!
suzannahnoelle 2 months ago
20/21. I mixed up "Here's Lucy" with "The Lucy Show".
Jon 2 months ago
21/21 for me, I had to guess on 1 or 2.
MrBill 2 months ago
21/21; I knew most of these but got a couple by process of elimination. I have always been a big credit reader.
CarrieMcCourt MrBill 2 months ago
Me too. I always stick around in movie theaters just for the credits.
I do too. Ever since I missed the closing credits on Look Who's Talking when Mikey and James went to see Molly and Mikey's new baby sister Julie in the hospital and newborn Julie was voiced by the late Joan Rivers. And Mikey had grown older and his hair was longer. "Hi Julie!" I loved that baby that played Mikey.
Kenson 2 months ago
18/21. Shouldn't have missed Lucy :( lol
Larry 2 months ago
21/21. Fortunate to get that.
tom78 2 months ago
18/21................missed 4,9,16...!
daDoctah 2 months ago
Nice to see acknowledgment of Sharon Tate at the front door of the Clampett mansion. Coming up in August on the fiftieth anniversary of the day it all ended for her.
cperrynaples daDoctah 2 months ago
Very sad! Here's the background info: Tate went on to Valley of the Dolls and married director Roman Polanski. She made the tragic mistake of being at a party where the Manson family murdered all the attendants.
She wasn't "at a party", she was home. She had friends over that evening. Her husband was out of the country and she had friends over to keep her company. Manson was actually looking to murder Doris Day's son Terry Melcher for rejecting Manson's music. Terry Melcher had been renting the Cielo Drive house with his girlfriend Candace Bergen before the Polanski's leased it. I had read reports, though, that Manson knew Terry Melcher had moved out. Whateves,
Excuse me, but that tragic event did indeed start as a party. The rest of the story is 100% correct!
She was NOT at a party. It would be better to say she HOSTED a party.
Linguistically, if you are AT a party, you are a guest. If you HOST a party, you are at your home.
'Suzannahnoelle' is correct.
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