Do you know the right military ranks for all these Hogan’s Heroes characters?

Do you know the colonels from the corporals in this classic sitcom?

The antics and espionage carried out by the captives of Stalag 13 to undermine and humiliate their captors was a hit in the 1960s and continues to entertain audiences to this day.

How well do you know Hogan, Lebeau, Kinchloe and the rest – not to mention bumbling bad guys Klink and Schultz? Try to guess the right military rank for each Hogan’s Heroes character!

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  1. What is Hogan's rank?
  2. What is Schultz's rank?
  3. What is Lebeau's rank?
  4. What is Kinchloe's rank?
  5. What is Klink's rank?
  6. What is Newkirk's rank?
  7. What is Hochstetter's rank?
  8. What is Carter's rank?
  9. What is Burkhalter's rank?
  10. What is Baker's rank?
  11. What is Langenscheidt's rank?
  12. What is Crittendon's rank?

Do you know the right military ranks for all these Hogan’s Heroes characters?

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garibaldi 1 month ago
11 almost threw me, I was tempted to say he was a Sgt.
bukhrn 1 month ago
Perfect score, pays to watch it every night.
Kenner 1 month ago
12/12 in 8 seconds. Some of the ranks are wrong though. Washington was simply a sergeant; RAF had no colonel. Oh well. Lol.
ENCarlan 1 month ago
1. Baker was not a staff seargeant. His insignia of three chevron is labeled just "seargeant" on a poster of army insignia for sale by Wal-Mart. Kinch's staff seargeant insignia included an arc below the three chevrons.

2. Crittendon's rank was a mistake. The RAF had no rank of Colonel. The equivalent rank was Group Captain, like Hogan's friend, James Roberts, in "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to London."
TijuanaSlim 2 months ago
I accidentally gave Newkirk a Promotion... the only one I missed... could swore he was cited as ____ in at least one episode
DZee TijuanaSlim 1 month ago
It's probably because he always seems to tell Sgt. Carter what to do even though Newkirk is just a corporal.
MOT1970 2 months ago
Baker was a Sgt, not a Staff Sgt.
Jaxter14 2 months ago
Hogan, Kinchloe, Carter, Lebeau & Newkirk weren’t just unfortunate captured pow’s, they each had a specialty and were “placed” in Stalag 13 as part of military strategy to run an Allied operation out of the camp.
vinman63 Jaxter14 1 month ago
I think Schultz and Klink were pro allies Germans.
ENCarlan vinman63 1 month ago
Schultz was a collaborator from the get-go and, in my opinion, by the end of the series he had become a defector.
vinman63 ENCarlan 1 month ago
Makes sense since the Nazi took his toy factory.
jtrain 2 months ago
6/12, what can I say, never paid attention to their rank!
STTOS 2 months ago
You got 12 out of 12 - Easy peasy. I know my HH!! Love the show. Too bad the 10:00 airing is preempted by the local news where I live. All I get to see now are the even numbered episodes.
jtrain STTOS 2 months ago
Same where I live, local news at 10.
djw1120 STTOS 1 month ago
This is why they made DVR.
jacko3 2 months ago
Hogan's Heroes ... is one of the greatest comedy shows ever created .. the cast, plots, writing, overall presentation .. doesn't get stale .... it's genuinely one of the classic of our time ... Thanks for keeping it in the pubic domain!!
Dajj 2 months ago
8/12 I didnt think I would do this good!!
KellyTenace 2 months ago
I used to watch the reruns, and still do watch one every blue moon or so, if only for the kitsch, and frankly I think Werner Klemperer is worth the price of admission alone as his comedic timing was unmatched, but let's be honest; "Funny" Nazis? I think it's understandable that many were and are offended by the very premise.
RedSamRackham KellyTenace 2 months ago
Yet German military personnel were not necessarily Nazis just as not all US military were the same party as our president. ♣
TijuanaSlim KellyTenace 2 months ago
Most/All of the named German characters were Played by Jewish Actors... their express intent was to, to paraphrase, neuter them via comedy... (Mel Brooks used similar logic in a lot of his work that touches/cites WWII era Germany)
Klemperer had it in his contract that 'Klink can never win.' (the closest he comes is hooking up with a hot young widow)

in Universe it's also stated more than once that Klink & Schultz were WWI era soldiers re-conscripted for WWII; hence why Klink, a barely passable Pilot and slightly less passable accountant was made a 'jailer' and Schultz, an Obvious 4F (or German equivalent) is 'still' in the Army (that and they took his Toy Factory to build munitions)
ENCarlan TijuanaSlim 1 month ago
In "The Producers," "Springtime for Hitler" was a smashing success on Broadway.
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