Do you know the old men of The Andy Griffith Show?

Recognize these elder fellers from Mayberry?


Mayberry was a place filled with folks of all sorts and sizes and ages. You have Aunt Bee's friends, Opie's pals, and many assorted old men. They were farmers, businessmen, and just plain oddballs. 

It takes a true Andy Griffith Show expert to recognize them all. See if you can attach a name to these elder characters!

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  1. He was the first mayor of Mayberry. Well, the first one we saw on the show.
  2. Burt Mustin showed up more than a dozen times. His character had a few different names, but is best known as…?
  3. This cantankerous old business man was the villain of "Christmas Story"… until Andy and Ellie melted his heart.
  4. This security guard was often found sleeping on the job.
  5. He was Opie's not so "imaginary" friend.
  6. He ran the cleaners in Mayberry.
  7. He was the suspicious feller in "The Cow Thief."
  8. Jon Lormer played Professor Dactyl on Batman and another "Old Man" on Star Trek, but in "The Cow Thief" he was a farmer named…?
  9. He owned a hungry goat named "Jimmy."
  10. Edgar Buchanan of Petticoat Junction played this feller in "Aunt Bee's Brief Encounter."
  11. Wallace Ford played this old flame and suitor in "Aunt Bee's Romance."
  12. He was peddling an elixir.
  13. Highway construction threatened to take away his home in "Aunt Bee the Crusader."
  14. This butter-and-eggs salesman popped up as "Aunt Bee's Invisible Beau."

Do you know the old men of The Andy Griffith Show?

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jodyh05 1 month ago
Missed 2. Can never keep the mayors straight
Sweendog 8 months ago
Love this show and this quiz!
RedSamRackham 20 months ago
* I always felt sorry for Andy having to deal with that wishy-washy senile Mayor Pike. BUT I scored 14 of 14.
Ralphholmes63 26 months ago
As much as I watch this show and I got two wrong, oh well I must be getting
AngellicA 26 months ago
14 out of 14. I will never get tired of The Andy Griffith Show! 😂🎸
ASperos 28 months ago
14/14!!! Yay!!! Love To watch Mayberry!!!
MyLoveIainGlen 34 months ago
14 out of 14. Never missed an episode of the series.
Newyorkcitygal 34 months ago
14/14 I love my Andy!
I do to, grew up watching the series and own the entire series on DVD.
Shatner1 34 months ago
14/14. It takes an old man to know old men!!!
Vlwarren1 34 months ago
I just love watching these great shows. I let my children know that we didn’t grow up watching a lot of violence on television.🥰
PilotTom 34 months ago
I was lucky and got 14 out of 14 because I guessed the last one , # 14 .
Ralphholmes63 34 months ago
I got 9 out 14 but should have gotten them all as much as I watch Andy and the gang, I've seen every episode!
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