Can you name all these celebrity guest stars on Monk?

Can you identify these Monk guest stars from a single still?

Monk had an incredible number of guest stars during its eight–season run. If we put them all on here, this quiz would take hours. Can you identify this handful of Monk guest stars?
  1. Who played this inmate?
  2. This actor played a casino owner in Vegas.
  3. This actor played...well, an actor, and won an Emmy for this episode.
  4. Which actor was this small-time private eye?
  5. What actor played a cult leader?
  6. This actor was a dastardly dentist.
  7. This actor's character hired Monk when he was undercover as a butler.
  8. Who's this rapper, actor, and chef who did an episode of Monk?

Can you name all these celebrity guest stars on Monk?

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BorisK 9 days ago
Side note ... Traylor Howard was yummy.
Sachelle 29 months ago
8. I could have done this in my sleep.
Snickers 33 months ago
7 right. I know the actors but hate the show.
DeathWish 35 months ago
The "Can you name all these celebrity guest stars on Monk?" quiz was too short and too easy. 8/8
BorisK DeathWish 9 days ago
Ha ha! GREAT joebiden joke!
Shatner1 35 months ago
8/8! Don't watch the show---and no intentions of beginning now!
DeathWish Shatner1 35 months ago
When I was in the hospital last year, I started watching Monk on H&I when they used to show it all day on Thursdays. With the exception of the "It rubs the lotion on its skin" guy, I don't care for any of the characters on the show.
BorisK DeathWish 9 days ago
You gotta give Ted Levine credit ... the 'Silence' role almost killed his career but he did a lot of good stuff afterward.
RosalindLeeWheeler 35 months ago
8/8 I knew all of these celebrity guest stars on Monk.
DIGGER1 35 months ago
Can you name all these celebrity guest stars on Monk?
You got 8 correct!
You're pretty could even be a detective!
MarkDavis 35 months ago
Maybe watched this show 2 times but knew 8/8 of the guest stars were.
Mukusthebadd1 35 months ago
5 correct.
And I own the series. Don't watch much, do I?
FLETCH 35 months ago
7 outta 8. I have no idea who Stanley Tucci is
DeathWish FLETCH 35 months ago
He's mainly a Broadway actor, but if you ever saw the 1995 movie "Kiss of Death", starring David Caruso and Nicolas Cage, Stanley Tucci played the slimy D.A.
BorisK FLETCH 9 days ago
Watch 'Big Night' .... good role. Also a film called 'Worth'.
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